REVIEW: Dead Letter Box – DLB#4

Dead Letter Box – DLB#4
DIY 25.01.2019

Dead Letter Box from Mechelen (Belgium) recently released a new 3 song EP. It is their fourth release since the former ‘Bruised Not Broken’ and ‘Discordant’ boys joined their forces to start a new post-hardcore, post-punk, rock, … journey back in 2012.

The EP bursts with driving guitar tunes fronted by raw vocals. Opener ‘Vote For Me’ is very straightforward and up-tempo song. Build on anger it has a good pounding force and a nice drive. ‘Game Over’ moves forward on the same path but it sails a more melodical, more emotional and more melancholical course a course that even takes the overhand in the closing track ‘Lone Wolf’.

DLB#4 is a more than decent EP by a band that deserves a propper label release.

Youtube EP teaser

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