REVIEW: Bruce – Captain We’ve Lost Bruce

Bruce – Captain We’ve Lost Bruce
CD DIY 2018

Belgian garage punk band Bruce has a new album out two years after te release of ‘My latest Popstar Crush’ and its a release in the Bruce tradition. If you know Bruce, you know what I’m talking about. If not, well this album offers a collection of short (only four songs clock over 2 minutes), furious, energetic, catchy and rocking tracks straight outta Osschot (and Bilzen).  No fancy, hipster shizzle, no mess, no fuzz but plain and simple straigthforward no-nonsense garage punk. Artwork done by Pies from the hardcore punk band Capital Scum (B) 8/10.

Track list:

  1. Captain, we’ve lost Bruce
  2. Death by Chocolate      
  3. What Fuss       
  4. Bucket List
  5. Paint Your Wall            
  6. Iceberg
  7. Amanda Stopwatch
  8. One Man Demolition Squad
  9. The Referee from Tonypandy
  10. Six Inches Playboy
  11. Refreshment Trolley
  12. Wait till you see my Tattoo



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