INTERVIEW: Skin Of Tears – We are the biggest and oldest punkrock band … in our home town 😂.

Rammstein is probably for most their favourite German band … well for me they are not. I do like some Rammstein bangers from time to time but I prefer German bands as Wizo and Skin Of Tears. It turns to Summer when I put on Skin Of Tears. Skin Of Tears is around since 1991 and I met the guys several times over the years, gave them a stage, … At Groezrock 2019 we had a nice chat.

Skin of Tears played this years Groezrock festival on the Cockpit stage, a stage in a 600 capacity tent in front of the main entrance. It formed the heart of the 24h free zone, the zone between the camping and the festival zone. This area is at trip down Memory lane, It brings back the early Groezrock days with its intimate atmosphere.

20 years ago Skin Of Tears played Groezrock for the first time, they still remember it as it was yesterday. “Groezrock back then was one tent with what 7-10 bands playing? The stage was filled and packed with people. Afterwards we got some bad words from the promoter for that. Now they let people on stage regulary. We did this in 1999 and a big stage crew guy came to use and said with an angry voice ‘Don’t do that ever again!!!’. Nowadays everybody is doing it and it doesn’t mean shit”, SOT said.

The guys from Skin Of Tears are all born in the 70s. Growing up with punk rock in a small German town where a small amount of kids were cruising around, they found each other. “If you want to do music, short punk rock songs are easy. So we found each other, started a band and rehearsed in a small room at Toto’s parents basement. That were the good times and it was 1991. We are the biggest and oldest punkrock band … in our home town haha …”, the bands explain their beginning.

There was a point in the past that the band had to make a descision: quiting or going on. They had to descide if they were doing this because they love music or because they wanted to make money. Now making money was totally out of the sight so they decided not to split up and love music instead. “We love music and decided to go on to have fun. We choose to go DIY so we could have a better life and to broaden our horizon this way. You meet ohter people when you are DIY then where you are in ‘the music business’,” SOT says. “When you pick up a guitar you want to play and have fun. We once had a plan, don’t we all want to be the big band in the end? So sure we had a plan. I still believe we will get big haha… I (Toto) still am young at 44 😉 but most important we are always lead by fun”, SOT adds.

“For some reason Skin Of Tears and Belgium are a perfect match, don’t ask me why? But we have a good following in Belgium. You don’t play in Belgium because you ask to play in Belgium, you get asked and we get asked a lot to play in Belgium haha… It’s like the movie Cool Runnings and we are the jamaican team”, SOT adds.


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