REVIEW: Hard Wax – This Is The Sound

Hard Wax – This Is The Sound
LP 2019 Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl
Rebellion Records has two upcoming releases out. First there’s the new EP “Mad In England” from Crown Court, three years after their debut LP “Capital Offence” and following the path of their previous work such as “Trouble From London”, “The English Disease” and “Ruck And Roll”.

But I’m most excited about the new Hard wax LP “This Is The Sound”, straight outta Bovver Rock City. Since I got to know them through Rebellion Records I always love what they put out. Is it because 50s rock and roll was one of my first introductions to music. Is it the punk that got me through the nineties and still charges my batteries when they are down. Is it my interest in 80s Oi! or my love for Slade. I think it’s just all the above because Hard Wax can integrate the best of rock and roll, punk, Oi! and glam rock in their sound. They even get away with adding keys and horns. I love it! There’s no bad song on “This Is The Sound”. The album is loaded with razor sharp anthems for a good time. 9.5/10

Track list:

  1. Welcome To Bovver Rock City
  2. Living The Dream
  3. This Is The Sound
  4. Razor Part Rebels
  5. Days Of Glory
  6. Have A Good Time
  7. Boys Of A Saturday Night
  8. Not Just A Pin-Up Girl
  9. Stomp All Over The World
  10. In For A Penny


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