REVIEW: The Beatersband – Vol Uno

The Beatersband – Vol Uno
CD / digital 2019

If you are into them 50s and 60s american rock and roll songs, you should check out The Beatersband. These Italians rearrange early rock and roll songs in a punk rock vibe without losing the original sound. Listening to Vol Uno, “The Baseballs” come to mind but without the famous hits, it also reminds me to the punk Chartbusters compilations. I certainly love me some old 50s and 60s rock and toll tunes and I do love me some punk rock. So this should be a match made in heaven. Love the tracks, love the vintage vibe but I miss a little of extra punk to make it more punk rock and roll. Nevertheless nice tunes to get you going. 7.5/10


  1. C’mon Let’s Go
  2. The Girl Of My Bestfriend
  3. Donna
  4. Then He Kissed Me
  5. Baby I Love You
  6. Diana
  7. Do You Wanna Dance
  8. Surfin’ bird



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