REVIEW: Allöchtöön – s/t debut EP

Allöchtöön – s/t debut EP
Cassette 2019 Nosebleed Records

Since January 2018 Ghent (Be) has a new band in town, a heavy four piece that goes by the name ‘Allöchtöön’. During the summer they finished the recordings of their first EP in the Hearse Studio in Heule (BE). Mix & mastering was done by Lander Cluyse (Risse & Fall / Hessian / Amen Ra /  Oathbreaker). The result will be released by the end of September on cassette through Nosebleed records. For the Vinyl fans: a one sided 12” EP is planned for the end of 2019 / the beginning of 2020.

Like I mentioned, Allöchtöön is a heavy band inspired by metal, punk, hardcore, Noise, … In a way their chaotic sound reminds me of OJAHPCP (Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems). OJAHPCP was a Belgium mathcore band with members also known from bands as Cast-Down, The Setup, Wiegedood, … who released a banger album back in 2005. But Allöchtöön has a noisier, a darker, a doomier, a blacker and more threatening sound.

When you mix hardcore, punk and some black metal together, add some psychedelic rock and speed metal, spice it up with some unusual breaks, twists and unexpected turns and let it all oak in a noisy barrel you get Allöchtöön. It is a very nice debut from a promising new band. 8,5/10


  1. Hasj
  2. Heb Jij Gezegd Dat Ik Een Lul Was?
  3. Kompass
  4. Twin Teeth
  5. British Knights

Allöchtöön  on facebook
Allöchtöön  on instagram

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