REVIEW: Spider – Energy Gone Wrong

Spider – Energy Gone Wrong


Spider from Long Beach California (USA) is a punk rock band fronted by vocalist Hector Martinez (also active at Epitaph, …), guitarist Karl Izumi, bassist Jeff Abarta and drummer Alf Silva. The band started somewhere in the mid ninetines, broke up, regrouped, broke up again, … and came back in 2015. Last August they released a new 7” called ‘Energy Gone Wrong’ on CPYTR CNTRL RCRDS.

This 7” contains two original songs ‘Energy Gone Wrong’ and ‘The Reeperbahn’ and the Black Flag cover ‘Drepression’, taken from Black Flag’s 1981 debut album ‘Damaged’. After the intro of ‘Energy Gone Wrong’ I immediately get a US BOMBS feel. It is like Duane Peters is playing in an 80s hardcore punk band. Spider offers a mondern mix of energetic, raw and vicious 70s punk, US BOMBS alike punk rock and some early 80s ferocious hardcore punk inspired by Black Flag, Bad Brains, ….

Energy Gone Wrong certainly has a taste for more. 8.5/10


  1. Energy Gone Wrong
  2. Drepression
  3. The Reeperbahn

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