REVIEW: For I Am – Late Bloomers

For I Am – Late Bloomers
LP/CD/Tape/digital 2019 Bearded Punk Records, Sound Speed Records, Punk & Disorderly Records, Lockjaw Records, La Agonía De Vivir, Fond Of Life Records, No Reason Records, Milestone Sound, Trilob Records

1994 … 14 years old … the year my love for punkrock really started when Green Day released Dookie, their breakthrough album. Before that I was mainly listening to mainstream pop and 50s rock and roll but after dookie my musical quest really started: discovering punk, hardcore, heavy metal, … Still today I’m really fond of punk music in all its forms. From the early pioneers that created the genre in the late 60s and early 70s to the ones that made it their own during the 80s-90s and the ones, such as For I Am that keep the genre passionately alive today.

For I Am just presented their third album ‘Late Bloomers’ after their ’15 Minutes Late’ 2015 EP and their 2017 ‘All About Perspectives’ full lenght. With ‘Late Bloomers’ they proof that they have been growing ever since. More mature, more power(pop), more intimate tunes, more melody, more social awareness, more punk rock, … more everything. Strength through diversity are the key words and it is all nicely blended is a sublime and colorful album.

‘Late Bloomers’ is a must have album for everyone who grew up with Swedish 90s punk rock but also for the fans of quality powerpop, heavier tunes (Die Hard) and George Orwell (P.I.G.O.T.R.Y.). On this record every single tune is an absolute winner. 9.5/10


  1. Between Us
  2. Relentless Idiometry
  3. No Ragrets
  4. 1978
  5. All About Perspectives
  6. P.I.G.O.T.R.Y.
  7. Oblivion
  8. Riddle Me This
  9. Late Bloomer
  10. The Armistice
  11. Black Coffee Morning
  12. Articulate
  13. Die Hard
  14. Nowheresville Motel
  15. Obsolete


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