REVIEW: Loud Love – s/t EP

Loud Love – s/t EP
Vinyl/Tape/CD EP 2019 White Russian Records / Kick Out The Jams /Mark My Words Records

Loud love, ‘Straight Outta Belgium’, is a five piece punk/post-hardcore/emo/indie band composed of former Circle, Cast-Down, We’re Wolves, The Setup, El Mirage, … members. These experienced craftsmen formed the band in 2018 and are fronted by ex-Circle/The Setup vocalist Dries. What I always love about Dries his vocal duties is that he can easily switch from screams to clean vocals giving the band he is in a distinctive mark.

Loud Love deliver a tight, mature and professional sound that is heavily inspired by late nineties emo, punk rock and post hardcore. A sound that would not be misplaced on a modern version of the ‘In-Flight Program: Revelation Records Collection ’97’ compilation album. Loud Love sounds familiar with bands as Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason, Circle, … in the background but with a fresh and modern vibe. It is the perfect adulthood soundtrack: emotional driven tunes for rebellious and melancholic hearts about Life, Love, Pain and Regret. 9.5/10


  1. Neon Heart
  2. Slow News Day
  3. Angels Maintenance
  4. Dealbreaker
  5. This Waltz



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