REVIEW: Jagger Holly / The Windowsill – Saving the genre, and you know it . . . 

Jagger Holly / The Windowsill – Saving the genre, and you know it . . . 
Split 10” 2019 Shield Recordings

For some punk died in the 80’s and for others it is still going strong. Well punk ain’t dead or at least the non-rebellious kind of pop punk isn’t. ‘For I Am’ and ‘Great Shakes’ just released a killer album and at the end of last year Shield Recordings released a 10 inch split record by two fine pop punk bands ‘Jagger Holly’ and ‘The Windowsill’. Both bands contributed four songs that the got pressed on 250 pieces of transparent Red vinyl and 250 pieces of clear vinyl mixed with Red.

On the A-side, Jagger Holly’s contributions are, besides ‘Better Off (Without You)’, some mid and up tempo punk rock tunes build on a solid rock and roll foundation with poppy and catchy melodies covered with some teen acne. On The B-side The Windowsill offers four songs that will satisfy the fans of surf punk like The Queers, The Manges, The Travoltas, The Ramones, Screeching Weasel and so on. So four decent poppy punk rock tunes, influenced by 60s rock and roll and the Beach Boys, that are not misplaced on a warm summer beach bbq party.

This 10” offers some classic inspired and retro sounding pop punk, catchy tunes, good melodies and loads of good vibrations.

A Side Jagger Holly:
01. Nobody Wants You
02. Out Of Luck
03. Better Off (Without You)
04. All the Boys
B Side The Windowsill:
01. Cigarettes Kill
02. Don’t Worry Baby
03. Leads Back To You
04. Last September


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