REVIEW: Dragness – Bronze Metalist

Dragness – Bronze Metalist
CD 2019 DIY

Here are just a few words on the latest Dragness, a 3 piece punk outfit from Nashville TN, USA, release ‘Bronze Metalist’. ‘Bronze Metalist’ is the follower to their 2017 ‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’ CD. It is a DIY release with 8 songs that will appeal to the fans of up tempo garage punk. It is a divers album that rocks different tunes in style and sound but without losing it to chaos. The main foundation is unpolished garage rock with a punk attitude.

Track list:

  1. Bronze Metalist
  2. Incessantly
  3. Drastic Intent
  4. Alternate Dementia
  5. Awful
  6. Life Sandwich, Hold the People
  7. Ypyp
  8. All Points Bulletin

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