REVIEW: Tower Crane Towers – s/t

Tower Crane Towers – s/t
EP 10” 2019 DIY

Tower Crane Towers from the Netherlands began as an art project and an all around creative project that also has evolved in a music project. This s/t 5-song ep release is the result of combining it all. It is a limited EP, only 250 pieces are made and they all come with a unique hand-silk screened cover sleeve. I’ve even seen some with puzzle pieces added or even a coloring cover book variant with some coloring markers added, … Well that’s a creative way to sell your music without asking crazy and expensive TOOL prices ;-). The vinyl itself is a stunning looking green splattered 10” which combined with the unique sleeve makes this release a great looking piece of art and a true beauty to the eye.

That’s the art part, now the music. Well musically this EP is also a nice treat to the ear, certainly if you are an overall punk rock and melodic hardcore fan. The five songs have a major 90s skatepunk foundation resulting in straightforward, up tempo and melodic punk rock songs with echos of teenage angst poppunk, some melancholy of days gone by and desires that never will be and letting bygone’s be bygone’s but with a bright look at the future. It is a great album with a stylish balance between tempo and melody, speed and mood, catchyness and rawness, combined with a poetic storytelling.

Listening to Tower Crane Towers is like driving a muscle car through Sleepville while listening to the Ramones reciting Edgar Allan Poe … does this even make any sense?! Well, if you want a copy, be quick, they are selling out fast and the record is your 10 euro worthy.

Track list:

  1. Cannon
  2. Stockwell
  3. North by Northwest
  4. Worlds Apart
  5. There will be Rain


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