REVIEW: Inner Turmoil – Trapped At Birth

Inner Turmoil – Trapped At Birth
EP 2019

“Life hits, swing back, push through, all the adversity. I found, my place, among, my hardcore family” Well that’s what Inner Turmoil is all about. It might sound cliché but ain’t life?

Inner Turmoil from Harrisburg, Central Pennsylvania is plain and simple a Hardcore band. A band marked by the downsides of life: growing up with mental, physical, and sexual abuse, depression, suicide, hopelessness, addictions, … well topics that leave a knot in your stomach.

Inner Turmoil has too many demons to struggle, too many inner turmoil to deal with and that’s reflected in their music resulting in brutal hardcore build on a old school New York Hardcore foundation with elements of beatdown hardcore, metalcore and mathcore. It is hard, harsh, energetic, violent, angry and in your face, kind off the result when you put Madball, Blood For Blood, Integrity, Strife, Converge in a blender. Good stuff and decent hardcore.


  1. Worn Thin
  2. Inside Job
  3. Submerged
  4. Moral Neglect
  5. Grave Mistakes
  6. Hollow Savior


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