REVIEW: Breaking Tag – s/t

Breaking Tag – s/t
EP 2019 DIY

It is always cool to get to know new bands within the alternative genre: hardcore, punkrock, metal, … bands that operate under or just above the surface waiting to breakout, being picked-up by the masses or just getting some (extra) attention or the opportunity to just play out more. Breaking Tag is one of those bands that reached out to me to get some coverage.

Breaking Tag are an indie rock / punk rock trio from Argentat, France who last year (2019) released their five-song debut EP and a promising EP it is. It is full of powerful and catchy tunes that resembles punk rock bands from the mid and late 2000s, bands as Iron Chic, The Menzingers, … combined with some Polar Bear Club alike post hardcore and a dash of Left Alone streetpunk. The vocals are not too polished and a little bit hoarse. There is a lot of diversity in the five songs but they all offer nice melodies, good vocal harmonies, sing-along and whoohoo’s.

If you like Iron Chic and Co, give the band a few minutes of your time, you might like it.

Track list:

  1. Not Forgetting You
  2. Jacking Off To Fame
  3. Her story
  4. Remain Proud
  5. Take Me Home


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