REVIEW: Second Opinion – Another Day

Second Opinion – Another Day
CD 2020 Cyrabn Records

Once … a long time ago … the hardcore and punkrock scene in Tienen and surroundings was mainly dominated by bands as The Scarrots, Oversized, Circle, … with gigs in JH De Kloemp, JH De Bleek, JH De Bunker, JH Paenhuys, … and festivals as Strandfuif, Kloemprock, … Those days are mainly over and it is time for the new breed of punk rock to take over. That new breed carries the name ‘Second Opinion’. Finally there is a young, promising punkrock/poppunk band from Tienen worth mentioning again. ‘Second Opinion’ have been around since 2014 and now they present the successor of their 2016 ‘Fat Fish’ EP ‘Another Day’ to the world.

With the quality up-tempo punkrock songs they write and even with the more intimate poppy ones, the great melodies they produce, the nice vocal harmonies and the catchy singalongs Rigo (singer/guitarist), Jano (drummer), Lucas (guitarist) and Daan (singer/bassist) will convince any nonbeliever of their musical abilities to create more then decent pop and punkrock tunes. They certainly have been listening to their punk rock predecessors and their musical heroes carefully and created an album that can stand his ground between the Sum-41’s and the Blink 182’s of this world. There are no real fillers on this album but songs that count, one by one. A nice extra: on ‘So Far Away’ they are backed by Hanne from ‘For I Am’ and ‘Hermione’ (think Harry Potter, …) has at the beginning a big Blink 182 vibe.

Honestly I’m quite enthusiastic about this album and band. Hopefully I convinced you to check it out, pick it up and give them some support. You won’t regret it. 9/10

​The ‘Another Day’ release show is sheduled for Saturday 29/02/2020 at CC De Kruisboog in Tienen. Support acts are You Nervous? & The All-Star Weddingband (afterparty), Doors open at 19h30.


  1. Another Day
  2. Generation Why
  3. Lost In Society
  4. Ignored
  5. Five days
  6. Goodbye
  7. One More Month
  8. Alone
  9. So Far Away
  10. Counterfeit
  11. Hermione


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