REVIEW: Generation 84 – Leap

Generation 84 – Leap
10”/CD EP 2020 Lost Culture Records

So far 2020 is a productive year for Belgium underground music. Not only has the more mainstream band ‘Fleddy Melculy’ released their third full length, also heavy combo ‘Rotzak’ released their debut full length. Punkrockers ‘Second Opinion’ and ‘F.O.D’ have a new album out and their is also a new band in town called ‘Bezette Stad’ with members of Sunpower, Reproach, Rich Widows, … They released an EP on Lost Youth Records. Last but not least Belgium finest keepers of the Punk ‘Generation 84’ is going to release a new EP on ‘Lost Culture Records’. If COVID-19 does not interfere too much the new EP will be out in april.

With ‘Leap’ G84 prove that they are still head of the game when it comes to boundering crossing punkrock. If blending 90s socio-political punk rock (with topics about ‘mortality’, ‘the rat race’, ‘change’, …) with heavy tunes while flirting with melodic hardcore was an olimpic discipline, generation won gold. It is always hard to write an objective Generation 84 review ’cause I’m a fan of their sound and everything they release and that’s no different with ‘Leap’. While I dig every song on this album, I have a few favourite moments on this EP. First is the intro of opener ‘Unwavering Metronome’. Those first 30 seconds just nail it. Next, the outro of ‘Office Innocence’, just love that fade out. Third is the tittle song ‘Leap’, it has a ‘Boy Sets Fire – After The Euogy’ vibe and that’s a winner.

‘Leap’ is a must have for every punk rock and heavy tunes fan. I certainly see a 10 inch EP with my name on and you? C’mon let Generation 84 take our money.

1. Unwavering Metronome
2. Office Innocence
3. Two Kids With Scars PT 1
4. Two Kids With Scars PT 2
5. End This Now
6. Leap


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