New No Use For A Name Shirt in remembrance of Tony Sly

The tragic death of punk rock legend Tony Sly is 8 years ago and the memory of him seems to be unbroken by fans. In cooperation with Tony’s widow Brigitte Sly and his brother Jonathan Sly, Stefan Beham from SBÄM released an exclusive shirt design on June 15th.

The shirt is a multicolor print, which comes in 5 different shirt colors. The design is inspired by a true NUFAN classic: “What’s your name?” – “F*** you, that’s my name!” ant its a classic quote from the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” that was used a lot by the band around Tony Sly. This new, colorful shirt reinterprets one of the band’s favorite motifs.

“As a visual artist, I loved No Use For A Name’s artwork as much as I loved the music,” says Stefan Beham. “A lot of time has passed since there was new merchandise, so I worked on this shirt with Brigitte and Jon”.

All proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to the Tony Sly Music Foundation, which promotes musical education for children. According to the official memorial page for Tony Sly, a combination of music and the creative education of children would have been what the singer and guitarist wanted.

“So let’s keep the memory of Tony and No Use For A Name alive by giving children the opportunity to express themselves through music,” Stefan appeals with the campaign.

The advance booking started on 15 June at

About SBÄM:

About Tony Sly Music Foundation:

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