REVIEW: Cause A Riot – Final Broadcast

Cause A Riot – Final Broadcast
LP Shield Recordings / Stupido Records

Hardcore punk band ‘Cause A Riot’ from Finland is around since 2011.  After releasing a couple of EP and 1 LP they released their second album ‘Final Broadcast’ on the 15th of May 2020 through Shield Recordings and Stupido Records.

Their melodic hardcore punk is rooted in the 90’/00’s and has the power, the energy, the sound of bands as Endstand, As Friends Rust, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite and even some of the desperate screams of Modern Life Is War echoing through. A must have if you like all the above mentioned bands.

Track list:

  1. Remind Me
  2. Our Resignition
  3. Bombs Away
  4. New Control
  5. Final Broadcast
  6. Counting On You
  7. Hating Realm
  8. Babyn Jar
  9. Goodbye

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