REVIEW: Stealers – Never Enough

Stealers – Never Enough
LP 2020 Rebellion Records / Stolen Stereo Recordings

After four years the Rotterdam City Rockers ‘Stealers’ are back with their long awaited third album ‘Never Enough’. With Jesse on both lead-vocal and bass guitar duties the Stealers are now reduced to a three-piece but without losing any strength.

These new powerful tracks proof that the Stealers are still head of the savage hard hitting rock’n’roll game. Combining the best of Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The Sweet, The Ramones and Turbonegro you get run over and over again by a generously greased and thunderous rollercoaster while screaming for more.

If you want your rock’n’roll to be greasy, dirty, savage and heavy, I’ll promise you that you will never get enough of the new Stealers album. This one comes highly recommended.


A1. One Step Closer
A2. Shoot The Man Down
A3. Little Bit
A4. Situ
B1. I’ve Been Waiting
B2. Ride
B3. Free
B4. Game
B5. Crawling


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