NEWS: New Rebellion Records releases

When I started with Out Of Step Fanzine back in 2003, Rebellion Records was active for 2 years so I’m practically following them since the beginning. With a constant flow of high quality Oi! and Streetpunk releases from bands all around the world and with a shop offering a large selection of Oi!, Punk, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Hardcore, Rock, Metal and associated genres, Wouter and Co. are one of the driving forces of the streetpunk scene.

If you are more into Doom, Death and Black metal check out his other firm Cosmic Key Creations, a vinyl-only record label putting out limited cult, classic and rare re-reissues and an occasional new release.

Rebellion Records have some new release out, or on the way:

Strike First – Wolves

When DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew) called it a day, this new band rose out of the ashes of DDC and they released their debut 12″ with seven originals and a surprising cover: Bring It On Down by OASIS. Wolves is packed with 8 massive rough around the edges, raw but melodic streetpunk rock’n’roll anthems with an impressive tight sound.

Still Defiant – s/t

This is the first LP release by Still Defiant for Rebellion Records and it combines the ‘five-track debut demo, the EP “Till The End”, 2 brandnew tracks and a BLITZ re-arranged and totally remastered. So 10 tracks in total for the fans of rebellious, razor sharp, working class punk rock with a nostalgic 70s and 80s vibe. You can pre-order it at Rebellion Records.

The Reapers – Kill ‘Em All

Also The Reapers from Utrecht/Rotterdam are back with a follower to their 2019 Rip It Up LP for another round of savage brickwall street rock’n’roll. The album has a nice cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son. You can pre-order it at Rebellion Records.

Get them at:

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