REVIEW: MXRCXL – All About Tomorrow

MXRCXL – All About Tomorrow
CD/LP 2020 DIY

On October 4th The Alternative rock/metal band MXRCXL from Rotterdam, Netherlands is going to present their new album in The Baroeg, Rotterdam. ‘All About Tomorrow’ is the fourh piece in their discography after the ‘Dump’ EP form 2011, ‘A laughing Matter’ EP from 2013 and ‘In Alarm’ from 2015.

Mxrcxl is one of those alternative bands that keep music interested. Where in the past their sound combined elements of 70’s punk, garage rock, stoner, grunge, industrial, classic rock, ballads, … I now have the feeling that on ‘All About Tomorrow’ they found a more stable sound in their own stubborn way. A groovy sound that combines rock ballads, garage rock, stoner and grunge. A sound like a intimate babbling brook that burst out at times in a devastating waterfall or like a swollen river meandering loudly through the landscape.  A sound where Soundgarden and Nirvana are echoing through and Metallica comes peeping around the corner (Who’s The Richer).

It may sound as a cliché but for me ‘All About Tomorrow’ is their best work so far. 9/10

Track list:

  1. Stir up some drama
  2. Colorful Balloons
  3. I love words more than you can say
  4. Out of the high
  5. Tomorrow’s sun
  6. Who’s the Richer?
  7. A Grave Danger
  8. The dream is dead
  9. (untitled end song) everything’s gone wrong

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