REVIEW: The Janitors – Backstreet Ditties

The Janitors – Backstreet Ditties

LP/CD 2020 Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl

The Janitors started in 2003 in La Rochelle (France), soon recorded their first demo which attracted a lot of attention, also from French Oi! fanzine Une Vie Pour Rien? who were starting a record label. The Janitors ‘Bloody Boredom’ 7’’ became one of their first releases. The band, still in the same line-up, have shared stages with bands such as Cockney Rejects, Last Resort, Oppressed, , Templars, Evil Conduct, The Kids, Demented Are Go!, …

Recently Rebellion Records released a new ten track ‘The Janitors’ album. On this ‘Backtstreet Ditties’ the band deliver a good rock and roll vibe. Ten raw and melodic tracks that combine the best of 70s punk and early 80s Oi! It is like Evil Conduct meets a rawer version of The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers with the UK Subs popping through.

Side A:
1. Don’t Wanna Do It
2. Ain’t That Drunk
3. Back Street Ditty
4. Panic Attack
5. You’re A Disease
Side B:
6. No Turning Back
7. I Don’t Give A Fuck About You
8. Fancy Pills
9. Playing With The Matches
10. Hate At First Sight


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