REVIEW: Bent Out Of Shape – Who Laughs Last

Bent Out Of Shape – Who Laughs Last

EP 2020 Demons Run Amok Entertainment

​After releasing a demo CD a few months ago the Dutch (Fryslan) outfit ‘Bent Out Of Shape’ (or B.O.O.S.) just released their debut EP ‘Who Laughs Last’ through Demons Run Amok Entertainment! ‘Bent Out Of Shape’ aren’t some new kids on the block, the members have a history in a diversity of hardcore, punk and rock bands and consist of  (former) members of Spirit 84, DSS, No Denial, Dead Horse Running, de Hûnekop, …

Due to their background, musically ‘Who Laughs Last’ has a heavy, a bit brutal streetpunk sound build on a hardcore foundation but with a strong Old School classic Oi! Sound. It also has, certainly the opening track ‘Who Laughs Last’, a Bishops Green vibe. The four songs make this a more than decent and solid EP, powerful and catchy and a must have if you’re into a more heavier streetpunk sound but with a classic touch.  


  1. Who laughs last
  2. Paying Tribute
  3. Lost in the system
  4. In Fryslan


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