REVIEW: Live By The Sword – Exploring Soldiers Rise

Live By The Sword – Exploring Soldiers Rise
LP/CD 2021 Rebellion Records

Live By The Sword, the NL/USA band featuring singer Erick Barnes (Strong Arm And The Bullies) and Wouter Davids (Label owner at Rebellion Records and Cosmic Key Creations) is back with a new full length album.

‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ is the love child of what Rebellion Records and Cosmic Key Creations have to offer. It is the perfect hybrid of streetpunk and metal combining elements of punk, Oi, hardrock, folkmetal, viking metal and black metal alike riffs to a unique blend of Epic Streetrock. The band has made a massive evolution and you can hear that a lot of effort has been put in this boundary-breaking record to create the most divers, most heroic, most impressive and darkest Live By The Sword sound up to date with songs about the irrelevance of mankind, primal forces of nature, history, the undeniable power of steel, …

‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ is without a doubt their best work so far an my most favourite Live By The Sword release up to date. The Album comes with a beautiful artwork, a painting by Johan Prenger (known from Reflections Records and his amazing dark and occult paintings) based on a picture by Michiel Eikenaar (r.i.p.). Wrapped in a gatefold sleeve and pressed on 180g vinyl.

‘Exploring Soldiers Rise’ is a must have for anyone who think out of the punk and/or metal box. 9,5/10

Side A:
01. Exploring Soldiers Rise
02. As History Unfolds
03. A Glorious Iron Blaze
04. Into A New Dark Age
Side B:
05. Whispers Of A Vicious Kind
06. The Inevitable Fall
07. The Great Mountain
08. Scars Of The Ages


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