REVIEW: The Choice Few – One Way Street

The Choice Few – One Way Street

LP/CD 2021 Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl

The Choice Few, from Vancouwer Island (Canada) is a relative new band formed in August 2019. The band consists of former Last Crusade and No Heart members, one of them being Mike Underwood. If you are familiar with The Rebellion Records releases Mike is no unfamiliar name. With ‘The Choice Few’ Mike is back with a more melodic pub rock, street rock band. This debut 12” is a co-production between Rebellion Records (EU) and LSM Vinyl (North America).

‘One Way Streets’ contains a total of seven melodic but powerfull mid and down tempo street rock songs with a high dose of MOD influenced rock and roll and a dash of Slade alike glamrock, making the sound of ‘One Way Street’ less rough, more melodic and catchier than ‘Last Crusade’ and ‘No Heart’. The second track ‘Monotony’ even has an 80s punk / new wave vibe: it reminds me a bit of the Vapors ‘Turning Japanese’. So if you dig/ ‘Last Crusade’ and ‘No Heart’ but also ‘Slade’ and even bands as ‘The Manics’ you will digg this one too. 8/10


  1. Out On A Tenner
  2. Monotony
  3. One Way Street
  4. Nobobdy Loves Me (The Letters)
  5. Ain’t Got A Clue
  6. Start Anew
  7. Lost Not Found


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