REVIEW: Savage Beat – New World

Savage Beat – New World

LP 2021 Rebellion Records

It is good to see that in these weird times dominated by Covid-19, bands hungering to the stage keep themselves busy by working on and releasing new music. And so does Amsterdam based street rock’n’roll combo Savage Beat and they are good at it.

Recently they released a new 12” with the appropriate title ‘New World’. Although the title track originally written out of anger about the gentrification of Amsterdam, where all the cool bars and clubs had to close down and real rock’n’roll places were pushed further back to the industrial outskirts of town, the song took on an extra meaning when in March we all woke up in a new world. To quote the opening track: “This is a new world, but I belong to the old” Don’t we all want to belong to the old again?!

With ‘All Bars In Town’ closed this ‘New World’ LP is a great soundtrack while your ‘Trapped’ at home, ‘Killing Time’. Savage Beat is known for its hard hitting rocking sound but there isn’t anything better for your mental health right now than blasting these five dirty, catchy savage beats and straightforward punk rock’n’roll tunes through your speakers. You won’t regret it. For the fans of Peter Pan Speedrock, Stealers, …8.5/10.
The LP comes with a playable A-side and an unplayable screen-printed B-side.


  1. New World
  2. League of Fools
  3. Killing Time
  4. Trapped
  5. All Bars In Town


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