REVIEW: Nutshell – Tidal Waves

Nutshell – Tidal Waves

CDEP 2021

Well in a Nutshell … A few weeks ago Nutshell (B) released an new EP or better the renewed Nutshell released their debut EP ‘Tidal Waves’. When in the opening seconds ‘Forgot The Car’ bursts out you get sucked in a rocking ride. The five songs follow the tracks of energetic punk rock combined with fuzzy high voltage, straightforward no nonsense garagerock. Pounding drums, shredding guitars and soar, sometimes a bit overdone, throats that will appeal to the fans of The Hives, The Bronx, Dirk, Sons, …sums it up pretty fine.  


  1. Forgot The Car
  2. Floridat Man
  3. Jams
  4. The Malthusian Trap
  5. PBS


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