REVIEW: PREY – Grey City

PREY – Grey City

EP 2021 digital

In 2019 PREY from Tilburg (NL) Arises when Paul, Teun, Daan and Ruud Known from bands as Angstgegner, Tarantino and Razorblade join forces to play noisy post punk rocking tunes. In 2020 they released a demo tape through Humanimaal Records and recently the ‘Grey City’ EP has seen the light if day on all digital platforms.

Covid certainly has put his mark on Prey. Slipping through the cracks of the corona restrictions they managed to get into Studio 195 to record five new songs that got stuck between post punk and noise rock with a dash of Iggy Pop. It also has bid of a dark & depressive vibe that gets reinforced by the EP title and the cover art, both referring to the deserted city of Tilburg during Covid times. Go check it out and give them a like if you dig it.


1.Grey Cities
2.From Cave Dwelling to Loft Living
3.Year of the Rat
4.Mycete I
5.Means Without Ends


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