REVIEW: Moscow Death Brigade – Flares Are Burning

Moscow Death Brigade – Flares Are Burning

Digital/7” 2021 Fire and Flames Music (Germany), Rebel Sound Records (USA)

Before receiving this promo, I wasn’t familiar with ‘Moscow Death Brigade’, a techno/rap/punk outfit from Russia. Afterwards I spotted  pics from MDB releases on some of my friends social media pages 😊. This ‘Flare Are Burning’ EP got released digitally on April 9th and the vinyl 7” version will be out on May 20th. The EP includes two tracks written especially for this record (‘Flares are Burning’ and ‘Against The World’) and two acoustic versions of popular MDB classics (‘Ghettoblaster’ and ‘Sound of Sirens’). For the fans, this EP makes a nice addition to your MDB collection, for others it is a nice although acoustic introduction to MDB.

So no electronic beats and electric guitars but rapping over acoustic guitar riffs, Russian balalaika and folk music. The songs are as always inspired by street culture, graffiti, and struggles against hateful ideologies and injustices. Honestly I dig these energetic, powerful and aggressive songs in a non-kumbaya acoustic way and can recommend this EP to everyone who is into out- of-the-box rap and acoustic music.


1. Flares Are Burning 03:19

2. Ghettoblaster (Acoustic) 02:43

3. Against The World 03:41

4. Sound Of Sires (Acoustic) 03:26


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