REVIEW: Captain Kaiser – The Drovers Inn

Captain Kaiser – The Drovers Inn

CD/LP 2021 Bearded Punk Records / White Russian Records

In normal times bands release albums and try to promote them as much as possible by playing out live. For the moment it is through every digital chance they get. Well this write-up is one of them 😉. So, a few weeks ago ‘Captain Kaiser’ released their new album ‘The Drovers Inn’ through Bearded Punk Records. In 2020 the band already released a few singles ‘Moscow Mule’, ‘Hotel Room’, … to promote this upcoming album. As I’m not mistaken it is their third release after an EP and the 2018 debut full length ‘Dog Days on Deck’.

Captain Kaiser is already a known name within the Belgium punk rock scene by playing countless youth centres, bars, small venues and festivals like Sjock, El Topo Goes Loco, … and more recently they got picked up by national radio station StuBru and the alternative digital radio station Willy.

Their latest album ‘The Drovers Inn’ represent punk rock in all its diversity: Proto-punk, pop-punk, skate punk, tunes inspired by the new wave of punk rock bands such as Iron Chic, a 70s punk vibe and even garage rock. It is all blended in nicely in this energetic, melancholic and dynamic Kempische interpretation of beer infused punk rock.

Track list:

  1. Moscow Mule
  2. Taste My Ink
  3. Hotel Room
  4. Rocket Science
  5. Post Gig Depression
  6. Hindsight
  7. Single Malt
  8. Afraid
  9. Time Heals, Yeah Right!
  10. Nighttime Hikes


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