REVIEW: Mad Mulligans – Who are the Mad Mulligans?

Mad Mulligans – Who are the Mad Mulligans?

CD 2020 Rotten bastards Records

Mad Mulligans are a more traditional punk/Oi! band from NYC, formed early 2020. The band consists of Johnny Kray (also known from The Krays, Bastard Clan, Drunken Rampage) Albee Damned (also known from The Krays, American Eagle, Model Citizen NYC), Wynn Skism (also known from The Krays, American Eagle, Skism) and Rich O’Brien (also known from Darkside NYC) and they are backed up by others that contributed to this record. So some Veterans of the NYC punk and hardcore scene came together formed a band and made a record that, as it seems, is about to sell out quickly. It is also available for free at their bandcamp.

Mad Mulligans influences include early 80s British Oi!/punk and American hardcore bands such as Blitz, Business, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, …  and that’s what you hear. The song ‘Jimmy Got Robbed’ even has a part of Hey Little Rich Boy’ by Sham 69 blended in. The sound on the album reflects that early British Oi! And Punk sound. Its rudimental, primitive, melodic and bulking with harmonies at one point but rough, punky and sharp at another point. It’s a divers album with mostly repetitive songs but with some surprising hooks making it an enjoyable Oi punk’n’roll album. Check it out, give the album a few spins and the more you listen, the more you get into it.


  1. Knock One Back
  2. Bricks and Batteries
  3. Jimmy Go Robbed
  4. So Sure We’re Right
  5. Life just Ain’t Working Out Today
  6. We Know Who You Are
  7. Boop Boop Dittum Wattum Choo



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