REVIEW: WASTE – The Lost Tapes – Oudenbosch HC 1981-1983 – VOL. 1

WASTE – The Lost Tapes – Oudenbosch HC 1981-1983 – VOL. 1


The Lost Tapes – Oudenbosch HC 1981-1983 – VOL. 1 are five tracks recorded by Dutch hardcore punk band ‘Waste’ during 1981-1983. Back then I even had no clue what hardcore and punk was all about, I was just rocking my cradle 😉. This EP is my first introduction to Waste but it is always nice to get to know 80s hardcore and punk bands.

These tracks were recorded at the band’s practice room which was located in a monastery in Oudenbosch (south-west of the Netherlands). Back in the early 80’s this fourpiece played at venues all over the Netherlands including the Paradiso in Amsterdam. In 1982 Breda based recordlabel ‘Miranda’ released their ‘History Repeats’ EP. Now 40 years later the band releases this new EP (limited to 300) with rare, archival material including an unusual version of the title track from the ‘History Repeats’ EP and ultra-blistering punk songs about hating school, anti-war, anti-nazism, songs about not walking the line, … from the same era. Including some angry teenage femme-punk hysteria by the vocal duo of Puk & Muk that makes ‘Concaine Piss’ bleach.

This EP really reflects the hardcore punk spirit of the early days: DIY, underground, chaotic, primitive, raw, furious, socially committed, … Angry committed punk as punk was meant to be, the kind of punk you probably grow out when you get older but on the other hand it is the kind of punk that we (if you still stand behind the punkrock and hardcore ideals) all need from time to time to keep us sharp. If you were a fan of ‘Waste’ pick it up to complete your discography, if you are an overall hardcore punk fanatic, you should get it too. It makes a nice time document.


1. School (Nee Nee Nee)

2. History Repeats

3. They’re Just Playing

4. Frustrated And Fucked Up

5. Systeem



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