REVIEW: Hard Headed – Strength In Unity

Hard Headed – Strength In Unity

CD/LP 2021 SMITH & MILLER Records

Hard Headed is a brand new (est. 2019) band from Belgium. The bandmembers of Hard Headed have earned their stripes in a diversity of punk and hardcore bands as Reproach, The Filth, Havoc, … Recently they released their first full length on the Berlin based Smith & Miller Records. Smith & Miller Records is a collaboration of Edition NoName and Proll Streetwear. It is an independent record label for SKA, Punk, …

Soundwise ‘Strength In Unity’ delivers singalong streetcore rock-’n-roll in vain of bands as Discipline but with a little less melody and harmony. Songs that are fast, furious, rough, powerful, a bid threatening and full of anger. A good hybrid of hardcore, punk and Oi! It is Streetpunk with a hardcore vibe and a sound that leans more towards the new breed of heavier Oi! bands than to the originators of the genre in the early 80s.

Badass streetcore rock-’n-roll straight outta Belgium.


1. Strength In Unity

2. Government Issues

3. Sick ‘n’ Tired

4. Thinking Too Slow

5. Politicians

6. Brothers In Blood

7. Nowhere To Go (varukers)

8. Working Class Bootboy

9. Shitville Wankers

10. Coming For You

11. Day Of The Dog

12. Where’s The Loyalty



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