REVIEW: Two And A Half Girl – Evidence Of A Broken Mind

Two And A Half Girl – Evidence Of A Broken Mind

LP/CD 2022 Suburban Records

A bid late to the party but a few months ago I received news about the new ‘Two And A Half Girl’ single in my mailbox. Never did anything with it till now … I just can’t stay quite about it anymore.This 5-piece punk rock’n’roll machine from Utrecht (NL) released their debut record previous September and it should be picked up by, distro’s, promoters, zines, … and you.

‘Evidence Of A Broken Mind’ is a stunning, mind blowing album. A tight, strong and catchy debut full of heavy rock spiced up with the best emocore had to offer and furious punk tunes. Not afraid to speak their mind and sing about difficult and personal issues like uncertainty, loneliness or the fact that a lot of people struggle with their gender and/or sexuality and still can’t be themselves in 70 countries. They are more punk rock than Blink 182 ever was.

Check this band, pick up their album, give them some support. They deserve it.


  1. Eighteen Months
  2. Fire
  3. Younger Years
  4. Self Made Suffering
  5. 70
  6. Searching For Relief
  7. Colourblind
  8. Looking For
  9. Problems That Do Not Exist
  10. Practice What You Preach
  11. Black Sheep
  12. Life In Overdrive



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