REVIEW: The Scabby Knees – Fragments

CD/LP 2023 This Illusion Records

In 2020 Teun Van Aerschot, former lead singer from melodic hardcore bands ‘Break of Day’ and ‘Generation 84’ started the pop punk band ‘The Scabby Knees’. He recruited some well-experienced musicians: Joren (Barney’s Ego / Generation 84) on drums, Tim (Break of Day / Give Us Your Money) on guitar and Jeff (Break of Day / Give Us Your Money) on bass.

Anno 2023 ‘The Scabby Knees’ are releasing their debut record ‘Fragments’, an album with a divers collection of twelve powerful melodic poppunk songs with even a skapunk vibe on ‘Summer Punks’. The twelve songs are soaked in melancholy about setbacks, pesonal struggles, regrets, life (questions), making it a bid heavy, dark and for some it can be a bid hard to handle at times. On the other hand it is also a positvie album, looking back at great times, songs about hope and not giving in.

‘Fragments’ is a must have mature punk rock album that sounds as autumn in summer or summer in autumn.

Track list:

  1. In The Grand Scheme of Things
  2. Impunity Undone
  3. Fade to Grey
  4. Overtly Enthralled
  5. Downpour
  6. Fragments
  7. Capable of Poetry
  8. Escapism in a Bottle
  9. Better than Before
  10. Summer Punks
  11. Don’t Give in to Gold
  12. Eyes Filled with Sorrow



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