ISSUE 1, April 2005: Bottlejob (UK), Shredder (B), Homer (B), Trust (B) and Complete Control Records (B) + more

ISSUE 2, December 2005: Sunpower (B), From my Hands (B), Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems (B), Rovic (B), Beans (NL); Restless Youth (NL)

ISSUE 3, Februari 2007: No Turning Back, Nothing Done, Outbreak, The Welch Boys, 3LOSTMANIACS, Delirium and more.

ISSUE 4, March 2008: Teenage Lust (B), Unbreakable (B), Brickbat (B), Spermbirds (DE), Balance (SWE), RockNRollRadio (B) and more (in dutch).

ISSUE 5, September 2009: Blood Curse(B), Jerusalem The Black (B), Tenement Kids (NL), Crucial Attack Records (NL), Streetdogs (USA) (in dutch).

ISSUE 6, December 2011: Failed State (B), The Red Light Rumors (B), Kingterror (B), Death, Shred! (B), My Cubic Emotion (Por) (in dutch).

PRINTING DETAILS: cut’n’paste, photocopied, 50 – 100 copies, A5, black and white, colour hardcover, Dutch/English (issue 4 and 5 mainly Dutch, issue 6 Dutch)