REVIEW: Dead High Wire – s/t


Dead High Wire – s/t

EP 2012 DIY

Dead High Wire is a rock duo from Antwerp who last year independently released their first EP. The EP is recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Patrick Delabie at Studio195 in The Netherlands. Its available on or at their live shows.

Dead High Wire brings sleazy indierock enriched with elements of garagerock, postpunk and new wave. So what you get is an interesting and enjoyable blend of rock and while listening to the song ‘No Sound’ even the British spychobilly band ‘The Meteors’ came to mind.

Yet another duo from the Belgian underground that bring some fine tunes. 8/10

Track List:

1. The Wire is Dead

2. No Sound

3. Midnight Cats

4. Don’t offend the Spirits

5. Relics

6. Dirty Kids

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