REVIEW: Born As Lions – Greed

a0596612394_16Born As Lions – Greed
EP 2017 DIY

On 1 April 2017 German, Frankfurt four piece ‘Born As Lions’ will release their EP ‘Greed’. 19 minutes of tough hardcore wrapped in one instrumental intro and five songs. The Intro ‘Zenith’ create an atmosphere that really stirs your interest and makes you hunger for more. That intro gratefully burst into the second track ‘Prophets’ and what follows are some good moshable, head banging hardcore and metalcore tunes about corruption, manipulative media, religion and its followers, …with ‘The Divine Divide’ as my personal favourite. Well conducted heavy hardcore with a message, sums it up pretty fine. 8/10

Track list:
1. Zenith
2. Prophets
3. The Divine Divide
4. Vultures
5. Fire And Smoke
6. Trapped In A Box


REVIEW: F.O.D. – Harvest

14980610_10154122653977775_8736971663827491248_nF.O.D. – Harvest
CD/LP 2017 Funtime Records, Effervescence Records, Bird Attack Records, Bells On Records

F.O.D. does not need any introduction, the last 5+ years they have grown to one of Belgium finest melodic punk rock bands playing numerous shows including a tour in Spain, Canada and a spot at Punkrock Holliday in Slovenia. They even earned themselves an American and Japanese record deal.

It’s February 2017 and ‘Harvest’ just got released. It’s their third full-length containing 17 tracks of mature top notch melodic punkrock with good vocal harmonies and great musical craftsmanship. The album also deals with a diversity of personal (due to personal setbacks) and social-political subjects making ‘Harvest’ their most emotional and darkest album so far. But where there is suffering there is hope. To Conclude ‘Harvest by F.O.D. is another fine piece of Belgian punkrock to embrace. 9/10
Track list:
1. 41
2. Crew You
3. Last
4. Party at Olm Street 10
5. Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues
6. Forever Grateful (for Toon)
7. There’s A Place (where we can go to)
8. So Far
9. Morally Blind
10. Credit Where Credit Is Due
11. Kiss Away
12. Never Be Just Anyone
13. American
14. Act Of Consecration
15. High Street Gloria
16. This Year Has Been The Worst Yet
17. Seven Times


REVIEW: Atlas – Blush

foto-14-10-16-12-06-31Atlas – Blush
CD 2016 Black Basset Records (B), Smithsfood Group DIY (NL) and Dingleberry Records (D)

Post-hardcore will never be in my top list of favourite musical entertainment but there are bands and records within this genre I can appreciate and find worth mentioning, supporting, …. One of those bands is this Belgium (The Ghent Region) four piece Atlas and their début record ‘Blush’. Blush is a well-produced album that combines technicality with modesty, emotion with aggression, desperation with warmth, … to a divers but coherent whole. Fans of the genre should definitely check it out, others should give it a chance but give it some time to grow on you.

Track list:
1. Intro (genesis)
2. The Underneath
3. Youth
5. Daly
6. Missing Parts
7. Cleaner Days
8. Sleepers
9. I worship the Rivers


REVIEW: Miozän – Surrender Denied

15781273_665568026936799_5924195238629768493_nMiozän – Surrender Denied
CD 2017 Demons Run Amok Records

German antifascist hardcore band Moizän is back and they are back with a BANG. First of all here’s a brief Miozän history: the band was founded in 1991 but it all ended in 2001, they got back together once in 2009 to perform at the famous Conne Island club in Leipzig and in 2014 they reignited the band for real. Original band members Frank and Kuddel decided to put a brand new line-up together to give the world a new take on classic old school hardcore.

Now the new album ‘Surrender Denied’ is out and it became a very personal album for Frank who was fighting cancer during the song writing and production process. Anno 2017 Miozän doesn’t sound dated at all. Their energetic, melodic and full of emotions (due to the circumstances) old school hardcore still has that classic feel but it all sounds fresh and powerful. It seems like Miozän has started its second youth with a head start. 8/10

Track list:
1.Broken Wing
2. Dare to Dream
3. Surrender Denied
4. Reach out
5. 4 Chord Truth
6. No more Words
7. Back to the Wall
8. Light up the Stake
9. Underdog
10. Realise
11. Straight form the Heart
12. We´ll make the difference (Cover)


REVIEW: Shameless – Fourth Floor

a2205777960_10Shameless – Fourth Floor
EP 2016 DIY

The Italian hardcore punk band has released a new EP called Fourth Floor. This time the EP is a 7” release co-produced by a lot of D.I.Y. labels and distros from Italy, Germany and UK! Again Shameless is terrorizing our ears with their blasting up-tempo old school hardcore punk. No more Oi influences but plain and simple but decent hardcore punk. Like before, you don’t need an Italian dictionary by hand to understand the lyrics because you can find English translations at their bandcamp. Go check it out. 8/10

Track list:
A1 – Quarto Piano
A2 – A Stento
B1 – La Resa
B2 – In Prospettiva


REVIEW: Violent Society / External Menace Split 12”

external-menace-back-coverOB-GD17D.pdf Violent Society / External Menace Split 12”
LP 2016 Creep Records / Violated Records

Creep Records / Violated Records released a split 12” last year with USA veterans Violent Society and classic punk band External Menace from Scotland UK. The A side offers 3 new Violent Society tracks full of blasting social-political hardcore punk while the External Menace side has 2 ska/punk tracks to offer that were recorded in 2014. These two songs will appeal to the fans of the more classic British punk who like bands as the Clash, … If you are a fan of both bands and/or you like Discharge, Uk Subs, The Clash, … you will like this one. So go check it out. 7,5/10

Track list:
Violent Society Side:
1. Simcha
2. Abandoned City
3. All The Same
External Menace Side:
1. Citizen Canned
2. No Uniform

NEWS: Violated Records re-releases.

12038310_959325860790333_2569284672498582858_n  Violoated Records has released or is releasing some classics like Parasites “Pair Of Sides” this is the Parasites debut album that was recorded in 1990 originally for the now defunct Shredder Records. This album has been completely out of print since it was originally pressed in 1990 and was only previously available on LP and Cassette.

cover-artViolated Records are completely thrilled to re-release “Pair Of Sides” for the first time in 26 years on CD and LP with all tracks being completely remastered by Violated Records own Arik Victor.

menace-front-and-back menace-sleeve-face
They will also release 2014’s “London Stories” by Menace. “London Stories picks up where the band has left off continuing to pound away the classic sound that the band is known for. “London Stories” was originally self-released by the band as a cd only release in 2014 and is now being released in the USA by Violated Records on LP on limited color vinyl. “London Stories” features classic tracks such as “Vote Punk Rock”, “London”, “It’s About” and “Walk Away” which will sure to please all Menace fans. Also “Rogues Gallery” that has been out of print for nearly 10 years is re-released.

more info at