REVIEW: Steel Justice – Neonlight Blues

Steel Justice – Neonlight Blues
CD 2017 Bearded Punk Records

Steel Justice is a Belgian punkrock/hardcore band formed in 2015 out of members of ‘Rabid Wolves’, ‘Violent City’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Not Allowed’. These Genksters are one of my 2017 discoveries and play the kind of punk music I mostly grew up with during the 90s.
So Neonlight Blues bulks with 90s melodic hardcore, skatepunk and old school hardcore. These punk rockers can’t hide their hardcore roots. Musically its a pleasant en very enjoyable nostalgic trip to the mid and late 90s. Lyrically it sometimes even is a trip back to my childhood in the late 80s and early 90s with its references to the Goonies, Arcade games, …. Although it all sounds familiar, Steel Justice can certainly stand their ground nowadays. It might not be all that innovative but I  rather have some good familiar sounding music instead of some innovating bagger.
Neonlight Blues even comes with a nice Spandou Ballet (Gold) cover. 8.5/10

Track list:
1. Send In The Clowns
2. Arcade Summer
3. Caudron Point
4. Donna
5. Crucified For A Slice
6. My Friends Need Killing
7. KMS Anthem
8. Neonlight Blues
9. Jamie
10. #Bringmerope
11. This Is Not A Love Song
12. Gold
13. Petit Mal
14. Antics



REVIEW: The Geraldines – Fluff

The Geraldines – Fluff
CD 2017 Thanks But No Thanks Records

The Geraldines are a indie rock band from Mechelen (B) who were part of the ‘de nieuwe lichting’ selection from Studio Brussels in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Now, with Fluff, they released a new EP (their third so far) on Thanks but no Thanks records.

Fluff is an EP that takes you on a nostalgic trip to the late 80s and early 90s when the Pixies were around but their blend of fine melodies, 90s alternative guitarrock with a punky edge and indie tunes certainly has some modern touches giving it enough relevance ano today. Fluff has an overall very modest sound with melancholic meandering songs that suits autumn at his best. It certainly rocks at times altough its more rock with a small capital R. 8/10

Track list:
1. Liar
2. Cue
3. Pinprick
4. Interlude
5. Parilz
6. Fluff
7. Fit


REVIEW: Drum drum dance dance – Panda

Drum drum dance dance – Panda
CD 2017 Thanks But No Thanks Records

A few weeks ago the Antwerp (B) power trio Drum Drum Dance Dance released their first full-lenght ‘Panda’ through Thanks But No Thanks Records. With the stylistic panda on the cover it just begs to be played. When you do … you won’t regret it if you like a solid rock sound build up by grunge, noise, indie, post-punk and garage.

From the first notes Drum Drum Dance Dance grabs you by the throat with their pounding, catchy and rocking sound. They submerge you into their world of sex, drugs and rock and roll and they can easily stand their ground next to the likes of Nirvana, Triggerfinger, Equal Idiots, Queens Of The Stone Age, …

Panda is whitout a doubt a great Belgian rock album by a band we all should embrace. 9/10

Track list:
1. Holiday
2. Discotheque
3. Fight Club
4. A Far Place
5. Breaking Bones
6. Swed
7. Thin Sharp Razorblades
8. Forty Man
9. We Might Delight


REVIEW: Generation 84 – Relentless

Generation 84 – Relentless
CD 2017 Thanks but no thanks records, Morning Wood Records, Indelirium Records

As a Belgian I always found myself blessed growing up with a load of great Belgian punk and hardcore bands, bands that I could go and see live somewhere every weekend. Some of those bands/members became friends or good acquaintances over the years. Getting older I’ve seen a lot of those bands come and go … it all moves in waves with its up and downs. I still am convinced that we should support our local bands more. It seems that it, in a way, is more accepted to embrace foreign bands without hesitation instead of our own bands. Bands like Generation 84 can use it.

Besides Young Hearts, For I Am, Steele Justice, F.O.D., The Spacelys, Toxic Shock, … and a shitload of other bands worth mentioning Generation 84 is still one of my most favourite bands and with their latest album ‘Relentless’ they just keep on proving why. Although the band has undergone some line-up changes over the years they are a solid punk rock formation that, in my opinion, always released quality albums. Relentless has everything a good punk rock album needs to have: straightforward, high energy socio political punk, a good 90s skatepunk vibe, good harmonies and nice melodies and great singalongs.  It keeps the punk into punk rock.

Keepers of the punk you should all get this one it is awesome 9/10.

Track list:
1. Potemkin Smile
2. Turn Your Cheek
3. Blistered Hands
4. Black On Stage
5. Razor Wired Sleepwalkers
6. Empty Shot Glass
7. Redeemer
8. Bedtime Stories
9. Presidential Dump
10.Rolling With The Punches
Let’s do this EP bonus tracks
11. Trying To Belong
12. The Backfire Effect
13. Take It To The Floor
14. Childish Game
15. Production Line


REVIEW: Full Strike – Where Does The Wind Come From

Full Strike – Where Does The Wind Come From
CDEP 2017 Profan Records.

In March this year the Indonesian hardcore band Full Strike (est. 2012) released their EP Where Does The Wind Come From on Profan Records. The record contains six passionate hardcore punk tracks in a good melodic old school tradition. With tracks about their daily life, their passions, resistance and solidarity and music that comes from the heart you will get hardcore as hardcore should be. Nothing out of the extraordinary but plain and simple tunes in a good hardcore punk tradition. World wide hardcore punk – you can’t slow down 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Under Pressure
3. For The Hopeless People
4. Determinasi Bernyali
5. Golden Youth
6. No More Pain


REVIEW: Spirits – Unrest

Spirits – Unrest
LP/Cassette/Digital 2017 via State of Mind Recordings (USA), Useless Pride Records (FR), Here and Now Records (IT), and Ride & Hun Records (DE).

Last month Boston sXe outfit Spirits released their second full lenght album ‘Unrest’. Its the follower to their 2015 full lengt début ‘discontent’ which was well appreciated here. After only listening to a few songs I could conclude that this is an album I but also you, hardcore and edge fanatics would love.

UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds and is packed with 12 hardcore punk songs with old school hardcore and melodic hardcore roots. Twelve songs in a good Spirits tradtion: hard hitting, energetic and fast forward. Not a shallow case filled with heavy tunes just to mosh on but loaded with committed hardcore, emotion and socio-political messages. Check it, you will love it. 9/10

Track list:
1. Human Credential
2. Fearful Symmetry
3. OSU
4. The Syndicate
5. Adopt Don’t Shop
6. Unruhe
7. Eyes of Love
8. Cerulean Blue
9. Learn The Hard Way
10. Anesthetized
11. El Mundo Gira
12. OR7



REVIEW: Destroy-Oh-Boy – S/T

Destroy-Oh-Boy – S/T
LP 2017 Monster Zero Records

Earlier this year the punkband Destroy-Oh-Boy released their selftitled début album on Monster Zero Records. This punk rock’n’roll outfit from the Netherlands combine garage rock and punkrock to a catchy, swinging whole on their début album.

All the songs are by Destroy-Oh-Boy except for ‘Back In The City’ which is a cover from The Devil Dogs. This album will definitely be appreciated by the fans of bands as Zeke, Turbonegro, the Ramones and ofcourse the New Bomb Turks but what would you expect form a band that called themselves after a New Bomb Turks album. If you are a fan of punk rock with a rock’n’roll beat you thave to take this rollercoaster ride called Destroy-Oh-Boy, they will make you scream for more in the end. 8/10

Track list:
1. Take That Dick Boy
2. Retoxicated
3. Tropical Heat
4. Let’s Go
5. Don’t Come Closer
6. Anal Invaders
7. Dick for Brains
8. Hello Bitch
9. Head First Going Down
10. Riding Low
11. Back in the City
12. Deathwish Kamikaze