REVIEW: Hateful – Noize From The Streets


Hateful – Noize From The Streets
CD 2016 Rebellion Records

My favourite Scots are back with a new album! I got to know Hateful way back in 2003 when they released ‘Reasons To Be Hateful’ on Rebellion Records. ‘Reasons To Be Hateful’ was part of the first Out Of Step album reviews when I started doing this back in 2003. Thirteen years later we are still both in the game and Hateful is still doing what they do best: playing their personal style of British punk rock’n’roll influenced by British best as The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, …

‘Noize From The Streets’ see the day of light through Rebellion (CD) and Contra Records (LP version) and like any Hateful release it is a must have for every punk rock’n’roll fan. 9/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Noize From The Streets
3. Bulletproof
4. Static
5. Hit And Run Away
6. Let’s Go
7. Empire State Building
8. Access All Areas
9. The Art Of The State
10. Caught In The Sound
11. Livin’ The Dream
12. No Time To Waste
13. Happy Now
14. Retribution Rock
15. Outro


REVIEW: Raincheck – True Love


Raincheck – True Love
Digital/Tape 2016 DIY, PPB Records

Raincheck is a punk rock band from Lyon, France who recently released their début EP True Love in digital format and as a limited cassette tape. CD, Vinyl, … will be available soon.

‘True Love’ is a six song EP that will appeal to the fans of straightforward, energetic and powerful punk rock, skatepunk and melodic hardcore. It’s the kind of EP that’s over before you know it and the only thing you want to do is push the repeat button. It has a good vibe and a good flow. Great first offspring by these French dudes. 8/10

Track list:
1.Work Less Chill Mass
2.Fresh Start
3.Self Sabotage
6.Party Daze


REVIEW: The Letdowns – Better Than Nothing

coverThe Letdowns – Better Than Nothing
EP 2016 DIY

The Letdowns are a new punk rock band straight from Ontario Canada. The band just formed about one year ago and they recently finished their new EP ‘Better Than Noting’. On ‘Better Than Nothing’ The Letdowns have a straightforward, melodic but roughly polished and a bit wasted punk rock sound. The EP only has three songs and an intro so let’s consider this EP as a nice teaser of what’s to come … Keep up the good work I’m curious to hear more in the future. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Dotted Line
3. Zig Zags & Guitar Picks
4. Home


REVIEW: Landlines – Logical Fallacies

Landlines – Logical Fallacies
CD 2016 – North Empire Records

Landlines is a punk rock trio from the Netherlands who started out in 2013 when three long-time friends decided to make music together. So far they released a demo EP in 2014, a split EP early 2015 and their début full length ‘Logical Fallacies’ is out since February this year.

‘Logical Fallacies’ contains 10 punk rock songs fronted by hoarse vocals. The songs are mostly inspired by melodic American punk rock and streetpunk. Also the new breed of British punk rock bands come to mind … the more melancholy ones. In a way it contains almost the best of both worlds.

You have to give ‘Logical Fallacies’ the chance to grow on you and with some fine tuning here and there Landlines has a good future ahead. 7.5/10

Tack List:
1. First Comes Philly
2. A Shred Of Dean Moriarty Kinship
3. Something a Little Less Demonic, Please
4. I’m Losing You(th)
5. I Was A Still Life On Your Wall
6. Good Enough
7. Vagabond Of The Wastes
8. Ghost Reverie
9. Karma Police, Open Up!
10. Miles of Engagement


REVIEW: No Thrills – Razorblades

no-thrills-razorblades-cd-frontNo Thrills – Razorblades
CD 2016 Violated Records 

No Thrills is a UK punk band formed in 1998 by singer Pez and has undergone numerous line-up changes with founding singer Pez as the only original member. The band has released 2 previous albums ‘Against Them All’ and ‘Punk Rock Til I Die’. The new album ‘Razorblades’ has some good singalong punk tunes with a rocking beat build on the classic UK punk tradition. 7.5/10


1 .Razorblades and Piano Keys
2. Janet’s Had Boob Job
3. Porky Was A Punk Basher
4. This Can’t Go On
5. It’s What’s Inside
6. Jack Shit
7. Blah Blah
8. Jimmy
9. Don’t Do That
10. We Don’t Want Your War
11. Drunken Generation
12. 4 Days Of Chaos


REVIEW: Complaint – Take a stand

14470507_544471059091571_7257134312876016556_nComplaint – Take a stand
CD 2016 DIY

The hardcore/Oi outfit Complaint (NL) is back with a new album. ‘Take a stand’ is the successor of their debut ‘We’re right, you’re wrong’ and again it is a short, fast and loud mix of hardcore and Oi! So, “More of the same?”, I here you say. Well … in a way yes … ’Take a Stand still offers a raw mix of 80s pissed off hardcore and Oi. But where their début lacked in some fine-tuning and quality they learned their lesson and took a huge step forward resulting in 11 songs that have that extra pinch I was missing in the début. 8/10

Track list:
1. Just another day
2. On the frontline
3. Ten on one
4. Coming after you
5. Locked away
6. Unity
7. Step back
8. Take a stand
9. One more drink
10. Encore (une boisson)
11. Still right



0005240588_100Israeli punk rockers Not On Tour played this year’s Groezrock festival for the second time. In 2015 they played the Macbeth stage and this year they opened the Main stage on Saturday with their poppy and catchy punkrock sing-alongs. I had a chat with front woman Sima and drummer Gutzy. The recording got screwed up but here’s the short result anyway (and sorry for the delay).

Not On Tour is a four piece band, who were all friends before forming the band. “We have a really small scene, we’re from the Middle East and every single person plays in a lot of bands. At one time all bands were on tour and there were no other bands in town so we ended up together and started ‘Not On Tour’ and That’s who we are the band that is Not On Tour”, Gutzy and Sima introduces the band.

The most famous punk rock band from Israel is Useless ID. “They are the reason why we are here. They have always been there for us and are our inspiration. They started a lot of it in Israel maybe not all of it by hands but by spirit. They liked something and started doing it, something that was not happening in Israel. We went on tour with them and are real friends. They work(ed) very hard, keep on playing doing a lot DIY and kept the good spirit going. We all wanted to do the same, play punk rock and have fun,” Gutzy and Sima explain. Also touring is special for ‘Not On Tour’: “We can’t just jump in a car and go play somewhere mostly it means for them to book a plane ticket, take a holiday, …. We come from a small scene and when we go abroad there’s also a lot to see, … .”

The Israeli scene in a way has a lot in common with the Belgium scene: “There are enough shows but it comes in waves. It is also a die-hard scene and most of the people that come to the shows are the ones that you know for 15 years or so but also younger kids show up which is great. We sometimes think that it all is dying but when you come home from a tour and see all the new faces… Some people retire or whatever from going to shows, other stay loyal but someone has to come after you to keep things going.

Like I said in the introduction a lot of the recording got screwed up in a way that I couldn’t make anything good out of it. Nevertheless ‘Not On Tour’ is a great band and they are nice people so whenever they are playing your town or somewhere nearby go out to see them and give them some support.