REVIEW: The Scabby Knees – Fragments

CD/LP 2023 This Illusion Records

In 2020 Teun Van Aerschot, former lead singer from melodic hardcore bands ‘Break of Day’ and ‘Generation 84’ started the pop punk band ‘The Scabby Knees’. He recruited some well-experienced musicians: Joren (Barney’s Ego / Generation 84) on drums, Tim (Break of Day / Give Us Your Money) on guitar and Jeff (Break of Day / Give Us Your Money) on bass.

Anno 2023 ‘The Scabby Knees’ are releasing their debut record ‘Fragments’, an album with a divers collection of twelve powerful melodic poppunk songs with even a skapunk vibe on ‘Summer Punks’. The twelve songs are soaked in melancholy about setbacks, pesonal struggles, regrets, life (questions), making it a bid heavy, dark and for some it can be a bid hard to handle at times. On the other hand it is also a positvie album, looking back at great times, songs about hope and not giving in.

‘Fragments’ is a must have mature punk rock album that sounds as autumn in summer or summer in autumn.

Track list:

  1. In The Grand Scheme of Things
  2. Impunity Undone
  3. Fade to Grey
  4. Overtly Enthralled
  5. Downpour
  6. Fragments
  7. Capable of Poetry
  8. Escapism in a Bottle
  9. Better than Before
  10. Summer Punks
  11. Don’t Give in to Gold
  12. Eyes Filled with Sorrow


REVIEW: Two And A Half Girl – Evidence Of A Broken Mind

Two And A Half Girl – Evidence Of A Broken Mind

LP/CD 2022 Suburban Records

A bid late to the party but a few months ago I received news about the new ‘Two And A Half Girl’ single in my mailbox. Never did anything with it till now … I just can’t stay quite about it anymore.This 5-piece punk rock’n’roll machine from Utrecht (NL) released their debut record previous September and it should be picked up by, distro’s, promoters, zines, … and you.

‘Evidence Of A Broken Mind’ is a stunning, mind blowing album. A tight, strong and catchy debut full of heavy rock spiced up with the best emocore had to offer and furious punk tunes. Not afraid to speak their mind and sing about difficult and personal issues like uncertainty, loneliness or the fact that a lot of people struggle with their gender and/or sexuality and still can’t be themselves in 70 countries. They are more punk rock than Blink 182 ever was.

Check this band, pick up their album, give them some support. They deserve it.


  1. Eighteen Months
  2. Fire
  3. Younger Years
  4. Self Made Suffering
  5. 70
  6. Searching For Relief
  7. Colourblind
  8. Looking For
  9. Problems That Do Not Exist
  10. Practice What You Preach
  11. Black Sheep
  12. Life In Overdrive


REVIEW: Overlord – s/t

LP 2022 Re-ignition Records

Overlord is a band with members that earned/earn their strips in well known hardcore, punk and rock bands as The Setup, Born From Pain, Kickback, Diablo Blvd, Bear, Loud Love, Circle, …, and they should not need an introduction. But with a demo, a split 7” and now a full length under their belt, they are still one of the most underrated Belgium hardcore bands around. The band started out 15 years ago with a simple mission: write music they love, combining the intensity of the scene that shaped them with a hard metallic edge and no-frills attitude. After a hiatus, they resurrected an earlier this year they released a mind blowing hardcore masterpiece. A full-length album bulking with classic heavy hardcore tracks, straight forward aggression, breakdowns, … A release that makes many hardcore bands shiver and pissing their pants out of agony. This album should be a part of every self-respecting hardcore fan’s collection. 9/10

Track list:

  1. The Throne
  2. Severed Parts
  3. The Devil’s Whisper
  4. Dogs Of War
  5. Death Trap
  6. Leo II, Heart Of Darkness
  7. Eulogy
  8. Wolves
  9. Hollywood Hedonism
  10. Zodiac


REVIEW: Steele Justice – The Way The Cookie Crumbles

CD/LP 2022 Bearded Punk Records / Morning Wood Records

It’s five years since Steel Justice released ‘Neonlight Blues’, one of my favourite Belgium punkrock/hardcore releases. So I’m one big happy camper now, holding the new record in my hands on solid white vinyl. Steele Justice is not reinventing the punk rock wheel here, but they don’t have to.  ‘The way the Cookie Crumbles’ is packed with uptight quality punkrock and melodic hardcore with a well-placed heavy touch here and there. For me there is no weak song on this album, no filler and without a doubt a must have for the fans of 90’s Fat wreck chords, 90’s Epitaph punk rock and Comback Kid alike hardcore. 9/10

Track List:

  1. C.U.T.
  2. Generals
  3. The Way The Cookie Crumbles
  4. En Marche
  5. Acid Love
  6. Not Today (lyrics and vocals by Dries O. (Loud Love, Overlord))
  7. Zombie
  8. I sold My Powerglove
  9. Ocean Drive (feat. Thibaut H. (Octopussys))
  10. Inner Circle
  11. Reconciliation Denied
  12. Giant


REVIEW: Hard Wax / Savage Beat – s/t

Hard Wax / Savage Beat – s/t

EP 2022 Rebellion Records / LSM

Hard Wax (UK) and Savage Beat (NL) joined forces and released a split EP on Rebellion Records / LSM. It is a top notch release by two bands who are defining the underground rock and roll sound of today. Whether it’s the hardhitting punk’nroll sound of Savage Beat or the Bovver Oi’n’roll sound of Hard Wax. Recommend stuff for the fans but also a great way to get introduced to both bands. Pick it up, you won’t regret it.

Track list:

A – Hard Wax

  1. Join The Gang
  2. Move It On

B – Savage Beat

  1. Rats And Sheep
  2. Victims Of


Also recommended:

REVIEW: Tower Crane Towers – II Cloudy Skies Clear Intentions

Tower Crane Towers – II Cloudy Skies Clear Intentions

LP 2022 DIY

Melodic punk rockers Tower Crane Towers (NL) have a new album out for your listening pleasure. And a pleasure it is! When I heard TCT s/t EP for the first time I was hooked, and they became one of my most favourite bands of the last couple of years.

Their new album Cloudy Skies Clear Intentions reconfirmed that status with grandeur. Their overall straightforward, up-tempo tunes on a skatepunk foundation will appeal to a diversity of punkrock and hardcore fans (old fashioned and modern ones) who appreciate good musicianship, craftsmanship and/or poetic lyrics about life, love, loss, regret, … This is top 10 material for your 2022 yearlist.

Track list:

  1. The Breaks
  2. Cloudy Skies, Clear Intentions
  3. Time in Malta
  4. The Granger
  5. Scottville
  6. Woodward


REVIEW: Suede Razors – No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock’n’Roll

Suede Razors – No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock’n’Roll

LP/CD 2022 Rebellion Records/LSM

The last couple of years it has been quite quiet around bovver rock outfit Suede Razors. Now, nearly three years after their last single ‘The Bovver & The Glory’, they are back with a new mini-LP. No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock’n’Roll, sporting six razor sharp tracks of boot stomping and hand clapping rock and roll music. It has everything you expect and love about Suede Razors but a bid sharper and nastier giving it that extra touch of punk rock’n’roll. Another great Suede Razors release. Definitely worth the wait.

Track list:

  1. Anchors Aweigh
  2. British Singles
  3. I’m A Rebel
  4. Stand Along
  5. Under The Clouds
  6. Vive Le Rock


REVIEW: Flog Yourself With Fuzz

Flog Yourself With Fuzz – EP

EP 7”/digital 2022 Subunderground Counter Attacs

Dutch fuzz punk duo Hans and Patrick (from Studio 195)  aka Ford’s Fuzz Inderno are back with a new limited 7” (45rpm) or digital (Bandcamp) EP called ‘Flog Yourself With Fuzz’. This is part two of a 7” triology that will be completed in April with the third 7” Fuzz The Universe. A CD with a selection of tracks of all the EP’s will be available too.

It is again a release with short high energy tracks in the Ford’s Fuzz Inferno punk tradition: unpolished DIY noisy punk rock’n’roll. It comes with a good sound quality and again with a simple white and black medieval artwork. Too bad its over before you know it. Check out their bandcamp and take a dive into the Ford’s Fuzz Inferno universe.


  1. Maggots & Flies
  2. Roomful Of Doubt
  3. In A Void
  4. Throwing Stones at Drones


REVIEW: Headshrinker – demo 2021

Headshrinker – demo 2021

Demo tape 2021 DIY

Headshrinker is a new Belgian heavy riffing socio-political hardcore punk band who released their first 3-track “Demo 2021” on October 8th 2021 as a through DIY project.

‘Erosion’ is and I quote: “a naïve lashing out at the state of this planet, of the defeatist outlook of its inhabitants, of the laissez-faire nature of everyday life.”. ‘If The Vaccines’ is targeting those who live in a by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … driven alternative reality, fake news, faux hypes and the next boogieman. And if the money making rat race doctrine is up your alley, you should check out ‘The Mirror’. Guess you get the picture … This demo a must have when you are into heavy riffing hardcore punk and a good vaccine to get through these turbulent times.


  1. Erosion
  2. If The Vaccines
  3. The Mirror


REVIEW: Loud Love II

Loud Love – II

EP 2021 White Russian Records / Kick Out The Jams.

When ‘Vox Populi’, the first single of the new EP was released, the expectations were set. ‘Rookie Nightmare followed’ and the expectations were met: the new Loud Love EP is going to be great. And it is.

With their first EP, Loud Love delivered a tight sound heavily inspired by late nineties emo, punk rock and post hardcore. A more fresh and modern Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason, … sound. On this second EP it all sounds even more powerful, more dynamic, more layered, more furious and more passionate then before.

Despite what the vox populi might think, these hardcore quichotes have rises out of the Covid shitstorm as a phoenix to showcase the world their rebellious lust for life even when you hit rock bottom. Embrace life … embrace music … embrace … Loud Love.


  1. Vox Populi
  2. Quichote
  3. Phoenix
  4. The Last Great RnR band
  5. Rookie Nightmare
  6. Last Party