REVIEW: Stranglehold – Hold On

OB-GD17-001.pdfStranglehold – Hold On
7” 2016 Contra Records / Longshot Music

Stranglehold is a female fronted streetpunk outfit from Melbourne featuring Brod and Ben from Marching Orders. The band recently released ‘Hold On’ their fifth vinyl release containing three vicious and rough around the edges but melodic street punk tracks fronted by vocalist Lisa’s raw vocals. Sound-wise the band offers some strong mid tempo sing-alongs that are a good and catchy blend of ’77 UK Punk and 80’s Britisch Oi. ‘Hold On’ is another fine Australian streetpunk record. 8/10

Track list:
1. Hold On
2. Legacy
3. Fire


REVIEW: Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots

bishopsbacktoourrootsBishops Green – Back To Our Roots
CD 2016 Rebellion Records

Bishops Green is one of those new breed street punk bands that I’m really fond of since their beginning. With this ‘Back To Our Roots’ release the bands goes back to their roots bringing good sounding, straightforward, catchy and melodic sing-along streetpunk.

The album offers brand new recordings for both Rebellion Records and Randale Records! On each label the band will release a “Back To Our Roots” 7”-single. Part one is out on Rebellion, part two on Randale. All songs are also released on one CD by Rebellion Records. This CD release contain the new songs and the covers ‘Burn The Bastards’ (originally recorded by The Lancasters) and ‘Do Anything you Wanna Do’ (by Eddie and the Hot Rods) plus the track ‘Christmas In New York’ from the compilation ‘Cashing In On Christmas’ vol. 5 (Black Hole Records) as a bonus track.

This album is a must have for the Bishops Green fans but also for every one who is fond of melodic street punk. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Wake Up
2. Burn The Bastards
3. Trouble
4. Do Anything You Wanna Do
5. Christmas In New York
6. Burn The Bastards (acoustic version by an unknown singer-songwriter, those who happen to have more info about this recording, please contact the band (no joke!)!)

REVIEW: Angstgegner – s/t

cover (2)Angstgegner – s/t
LP 2016 Shield Recordings / Black Death Records

Angstgegner is the solo project by Martijn Konings (ex-Otis, The Unborn, Schelles) that grew completely out of hand to a two man hardcore punk band with Mario Van Meer on vocals. On stage they are backed up by Jean Morreau (NRA, ex-Human Alert) on bass and Ruud van Esch (ex-Fehler, ex-Razorblade) on drums.

Angstgegner first songs got released on a split 7” with Enfant Terribles Tarantino through Black Death Records and this s/t album is their début full length. Its out since 8 July 2016.

Angstgegner brings hardcore punk as it should be, stripped down to the core and focused on the three basic principles: HARD, CORE and PUNK. With its 16 raw and aggressive unpolished songs you get an album that is worthy to carry the name hardcore punk with pride. With this album Angstgegener shows its great potential and I’m convinced that they will have a bright future ahead. This one is a real must have. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Intro/ Angstgegner
2. The Bearded Lady
3. I Shot The Deputy
4. Donut Patrol
5. Tongue Tied
6. Back To The Future II
7. Calloused Hands
8. Itch You Can’t Scratch
9. Born Stupid
10. Early Midlife Crisis
11. Whelmed
12. Elephant In The Room
13. M.B.P.
14. Bypass My Heart
15. Divine Interventions
16. 100% Not Sure


REVIEW: Brakrock Ecofest 2016 AKA our own Punkrock Holliday

Brakrock ecofest in Duffel AKA our own Punkrock Holliday was again a fine outdoor punk rock experience. The nice green setting, a park area in between a river and a castle ruin, at the ‘Ter Elstlei’ in Duffel, Belgium offers a great hangout for punk rock minded people on a nice summers day.

Like Ieperfest (B), Brakrock is an eco-minded festival that pays attention to their ecological footprint when it comes to use of space, materials, water, energy, catering (although I prefer my coca cola to be the real thing and not that fair trade sugar liquid), waste, … A real example for a lot of festivals.

This years line up was great with bands as Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, The Dwarves, The Flatliners, Adolescents, Mean Jeans and many more resulting in a bigger crowd that came to Duffel this year. but this friendly DIY punk rock festival still has some growing pains: they could use some more lights when it is dark and an extra bar would be great. Also I hope it never rains during Brakrock because its a fine way to spent your summer holliday.

Here are a few lousy pics:


ADOLESCENTS20160806_172251 20160806_172301


FLATLINERS20160806_184220 20160806_184315


Sorry Bearded Punk Records but this band could not convince me with their live performance … it sounded so out of tune at times.20160806_184548

A WILHELM SCREAM20160806_201801


STRUNG OUT20160806_235620

NEWS: Ink Bomb announces release date for debut-EP “Invincible Summer”


Dutch melodic punkrock band INK BOMB will be releasing its debut-EP Invincible Summer on september 20th. It will be available in a CD version and via all known streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes, etc. The release show will take place on the 24th of september in the former Nijmegen (NL) squat De Onderbroek and will also feature performances by the bands He Said No and the Biarritz Boys.

Invincible Summer contains 6 new songs including two versions of the song “Stale”: a driving,full-band version as well as a more subdued, acoustic version. The drums were tracked with the help of Kees de Waal in the Nijmegen bar Weerlicht. The other instruments were tracked and mixed by the band themselves in a sweaty attic. Mastering was done by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound.

unnamedInk Bomb hails from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Their music can be described as a mix of Bad Religion, Descendents and Pears. The band members first met in 2015 with the purpose of forming a band to play raw, melodic punkrock. Each of them had previous band experience from well known local dutch acts such as Superhero-NL, Planet Eyelash and Anders Niemand. The first result of the practice sessions that followed: a self recorded demo containing an explosion of feisty punk rock and crunchy guitar lines, pounding bass, a drummer on a continuous overdrive and enthusiastic vocal work from a singer suffering from a healthy dose of Weltschmerz. Subsequently the band played several shows in the area and even some abroad. This experience culminated in the new batch of energetic songs to be found on the debut-EP Invincible Summer.
More info:

INTERVIEW: Muncie Girls (UK)

images‘Muncie Girls’ is Exeter, UK based punk rock trio formed about 5-6 years ago. They are named after a movie quote (red.: the recording got screwed here but I think it was from the movie ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ ) so no hidden meaning here. Muncie Girls get its inspiration form touring, meeting people and seeing befriended bands doing well. They are also hard to categorise and therefore they got the opportunity to play with a diversity of bands.

The band consists of Lande Hekt, Dean McMullen and Luke Ellis. “We all grew up in the punk rock scene and played in bands. Lande and Dean were in a band together but they broke up. Later on the formed Muncie Girls. I filled in a couple of times on drums which worked out pretty fine so we all decided that I would join the band,” Luke explains him joining Muncie Girls and the start of the band.10565024_907860762560992_1183103005367497593_n

Their début album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ got released earlier this year through Animal Style Records, Specialist Subject Record and Uncle M Music. Its a great album full of melancholic pop punk and indie rock where serious topics sound as catchy as mature. “We’ve had good reactions so far. The whole process of making the album, recording it, putting it out was long. It took a couple of years. We had no idea of the reaction it would get but everybody seems to like it in the UK, in Europe, … It certainly helped to get our name out after releasing only some EP’s. It is really cool to have a real album out that people can check,” Luke says.

“The album wasn’t hard to write. Some songs were written quite quickly while others took a long time. We start writing it a couple of years ago and all was going well. We decide to demo half of the album to see if we liked the songs. Than we wrote the second half, did a demo of these songs. We recorded the songs we liked and a year and a month later the album came out. The whole planning, label, the promotion, … took its time. It was a bid frustration, we don’t like that stuff, but we knew that if we played it right the album would get its best release. The whole time we kept on working, touring, … We did 3 release shows and there was a crazy response to the album,” Luke adds.


The title of the album is a reference to the book the Bell Jar by poet Sylvia Plath. ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ references the two asylums the book’s protagonist is kept in. Its all about going from one place you are struggling in life to another …. Its a journey … going form Caplan to Belsize … from a secure place to a less secure one.

Muncie Girls are a great band, so go see them when the hit your town.


REVIEW: Future Hate s/t

12004110_1212781972072150_6677181507302513287_nFuture Hate s/t
CD 2015

Future Hate is a female fronted hardcore punk band from Alabama, USA. Musically they sound like a more vicious punk version of some of the early hardcore punk bands from the eighties. Their energetic driven punk sound is like riding a rusty roller-coaster on a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon: adrenaline pumping, anxious and a bid hysteric but your are in for one hell of a ride.

Track list:
1 Plinko
2. Punch Little Babies
3. Fucking Your Wife
4. Doomed at Birth
5. Spice Jam
6. Subshit // Guillotine licker
7. Sleepover Dad