REVIEW: Suede Razors – Stomp

Suede Razors – Stomp
LP/CD 2017 Pirate Press Records, Randale Records and Rebellion Records

Over the last couple of years Suede Razors from San Francisco Bay Area became one of my favourite Rebellion Records bands with their catchy blend of 70s punk, rock and roll, glam rock and Oi! They are the love child of Slade and the Old Firm Casuals and with the AC/DC alike opener ‘Razor Stomp’ they set the atmosphere right for 6 tracks of hand clapping and boot stomping rock and roll. Great stuff that just makes you push the repeat button over and over. 9/10

Track list:
1. Razor Stomp
2. TV 175
3. Bovver Girl
4. Berlin Or Bust
5. All Nighter
6. Keep On Rocking


REVIEW: Young Hearts – In The Middle You’ll Find Balance

Young Hearts – In The Middle You’ll Find Balance
CD 2017 Thanks But No Thanks Records

In 2015 Young Hearts released their ‘Now’s My Time’ EP trough Thanks But No Thanks Records. This was a very promising EP containing 5 rock solid punk rock tunes with heavy riffs build on a 90s foundation.

About a month ago they released its follower ‘In The Middle You’ll Find Balance’. The high expectations they’ve created with ‘Now’s My Time’ are nicely met with this kick ass release full of fast and furious punk rock, good melodies, some metal alike riffs, … just like before.
Its a pretty fine release from a promising band. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Roll In The Hay
2. Animals
3. Shakes
4. GFY!
5. Today
6. Start Over
7. Bullet
8. The Voice
9. Awesome
10. Guess Again
11. Low Tidal Wave
12. Balance


REVIEW: Mob Mentality – NO Honor, No Guts, No Glory

Mob Mentality – NO Honor, No Guts, No Glory
EP 2017 DIY

Mob Mentality is a five piece punk/Oi band from the Philadelphia area with ex Hooligan 77 frontman Dan Hooligan. Recently they released a four track EP that can be found on their bandcamp page ( It’s a very powerful EP with some rough around the edges bootboy punk. All the songs are in a brutal but also melodic American Oi tradition, songs you can sing along in no time.

Track list:
1. Can’t Win Em All
2. Another Loss
3. Hardcore Hooligans
4. No Honor, No Guts, No Glory


REVIEW: The Old Firm Casuals – Wartime Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Old Firm Casuals – Wartime Rock ‘N’ Roll
LP/CD 2017 Rebellion Records

Recently The Old Firm Casuals released four new tracks on a nice looking 12” vinyl with an etched B-side. The CD version has ‘Sanctuary City’ as a bonus track. Opener ‘Hell’s A Lot Better’ really kicks in nicely with its clapping beat and raw and rasping vocals, setting the expectations for this new EP on a high level. Followers ‘Sex Case’ and ‘1312’ are more up-tempo songs in a good Old Firm Casuals tradition but OFC saved the best for last. ‘Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll is one of those streetpunk songs you just want to put on repeat over and over again. It’s a great mid-tempo song with a good rocking vibe and nice melodies in honour of the fallen soldiers that never made it home. I’m not a fan of anything war related but for some reason songs like this always give me goosebumps in a positive way. 8.5/10

Track list:
A1 Hell’s A Lot Better
A2 Sex Case
A3 1312
A4 Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll
Etched B-side
Sanctuary city (bonus track CD version)


REVIEW: Hard Wax – Diamond in the Rough

Hard Wax – Diamond in the Rough
LP/CD 2017 Rebellion Records, Contra Records 

Hard Wax could not choose a better title for their first full lenght because honestly this one is a real ‘Diamond in the Rough’.  After the début single ‘Kings Of The Weekend’, Tom (Hostile Minds) is back with a new ‘Hard Wax’ release that might offer the best combination of punk, rock and roll, Oi and glam you can find on this planet. ‘Diamond in the Rough’ sound extremely catchy, with its retro punk sound, its good rock and roll beat, its classic Oi vibe and its glam rock elements. This is some classy bovver rock and roll. 9/10

Track list:
A1 Bootboy Stomp (All Night Long)
A2 Your Time Is Up
A3 In The Know
A4 Diamond In The Rough
A5 Shouting Out Loud
B1 Bringing Back The Noise
B2 Move Your Feet
B3 Bovver Love Blues
B4 Fight Tonight
B5 Head Held High
B6 We’re Here To Stay


NEWS: Cointoss Records releases Edgewise Angels and Addicts EP

Cointoss Records is proud to announce our newest EP, Angels and Addicts, from PA hardcore legends Edgewise. This blistering release, engineered and produced by Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), combines an old school hardcore sound with relentless, grinding metal. Edgewise’s first release after a 20 year hiatus, Angels and Addicts is well worth the wait.
The band’s current lineup features longtime Edgewise members Al Spina on vocals, Vince Spina on guitar, and Matt Tincani on bass, along with veterans Jess Goldey (My Turn to Win) on guitar and Kevin Ruggeri (Ten Foot Pole) on drums. After successfully testing their new lineup in Philly hardcore shows featuring the likes of Slapshot and Wisdom in Chains, Edgewise combined forces with seasoned producer Fred Mascherino to generate this four song EP.
In a recent interview with In Effect Hardcore, Edgewise describes Angels and Addicts as a fusion of influences, drawing heavily from the late 80s – early 90s New York hardcore bands of their youth.  But with lineup additions Jess Goldey and Kevin Ruggeri come new elements, including brutal, mosh inspiring breakdowns and relentless double bass on the drums. Angels and Addicts brings a unique sound that any hardcore or metal fan should check out.
A limited first pressing of Angels and Addicts will be available from Cointoss Records with 250 on green slime vinyl, 150 on black vinyl, and 100 on pink vinyl. Pre-order yours now! Angels and Addicts will be available on all major digital music services, including Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.
Release date 3/31/17

REVIEW: Toxic Shock & Team Panini

Toxic Shock & Team Panini
7” 2017 Lost Youth Records

Antwerp based thrash and hardcore punk band Toxic Shock joined forces with hip hop, rap duo Team Panini on this ‘Brainwash’ 7″ vinyl EP . It’s a great crossover joint venture between two of Antwerp finest. The song ‘Brainwash’ was specially written for the ‘Walk This Way – Revisited Antwerp Judgment night album to celebrate 30 years ‘Walk This Way’, the Aerosmith – Run DMC collaboration. This song is also the best track on this EP thanks to the great music by Toxic Shock and the lyrical strength by Team Panini. The B-side has the two tracks ‘Kak op flik’ and the Beastie Boys cover ‘Beastie Boys’, which are nice additions to the 7” but it can’t compete with ‘Brainwash’. This 7” is a must have for the fans of both bands and another fine Lost Youth Records release. 8.5/10

Track list:
A1. Brainwash
B1. Kak op flik
B2. Beastie Boys (org. By Beastie Boys)