REVIEW: Real Bad Quitters – Resurrect A Dead Punk

1511572_417721764997728_1833869267_nReal Bad Quitters – Resurrect A Dead Punk
CD 2014 DIY

I’m not sure if a lot of people remember or knew the bands ‘Violation 13’ (RIP) and ‘Hell Injection’ (RIP) but vocalist Ruben, who was in both bands, is back with a new band called ‘Real Bad Quitters’. I just mention both bands, because if you knew them, you know that Ruben has an abrasive, rasping voice.

His voice forms an important part of the bands sound, and listening to Real Bad Quitters, it seems that his vocals has become more melodic but I can be wrong. Nevertheless it suits the raw (street) punk rock with a twist of heavy rock and roll well. At this point I have the feeling that ‘Resurrect A Dead Punk’ is vocally one of his best records so far but also musically its a more then decent, solid record 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Skeleton Judge
2. V.I.P.
3. Stains And Stitches
4. Beersoaked, Flatbroke
5. No Refund To Kill


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