REVIEW: War With The Newts – Dead Eyes

War With The Newts – Dead Eyes

I thought Grunge was dead? Well it seems it isn’t, ‘War With The Newts from Berlin, Germany seems to keep it alive in some mutated form with a pinch of hardcore and punk. Does the combination work? Well I think it does. The Hardcore and punk spices up the grunge influences taken from bands as Dinosaur Jr. and Mudhoney and gives it some extra power and aggression.

With Cobains spirit wandering around in the Dead Eyes EP, War With The Newts deliver an EP that is kind of refreshing in the nowadays hardcore and punk scene although it grabs back to the highdays of the Grunge. 8/10<

Track list:

2. Ass Moustache
3. Castration
4. “Ceasar” Salad


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