REVIEW: AK-47 – Burn Out The Rats

AK-47 – Burn Out The Rats
CD 2017 DIY

This AK-47 are a bunch of old Canadian punx that play hardcore punk for love of the music and the message. Recently they released a new album called ‘Burn Out The Rats’ which comes in a shiny disc packed with 31 short and fast songs in 41 minutes.

What you get is pissed off hardcore punk songs inspired by shitty things that happen(d) in this world like: soldiers that killed civilians (including young kids), racism, police brutality, child molestation, injustice, …So with all the fucked up things that go around AK-47 can easily write 31 raw punk songs to express their anger. 31 songs are a lot to handle but it is only 41 minutes and the metal alike riffs from time to time make it all bearable. Nothing outstanding but decent activists punk for liked minded souls and a wake up call for all the rest. 7/10


REVIEW: The Reuters – We are from HU

The Reuters – We are from HU
LP 2017 Noize Hunit, Seja

The Reuters are a rock band who are releaseing their début LP on Noize Hunit a sub-label of Seja Records (NL). Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

Musically The Reuters bring a raw, noisy and enthralling sound and with every listening session you discover new things. Therefore ‘We are from Hu’ is a thrilling journey in the musical landscapes of garage rock, noise and post punk. Its and enjoyable, not always easy to chew album, if you like a darker shade of punk. 7.5/10

1. Credits
2. Mindset
3. Making A Scene
4. Strychnine
5. Sunc Gen
6. Nocturne
7. We Are From HU
8. Boggy Coypu Dam(n)
9. Fear
10. Haunted House
11. 12XU


REVIEW: Dragness – Momunental Moves and Unattainable goals

Dragness – Momunental Moves and Unattainable goals
CD2107 DIY

Dragness is a 3 piece punk rock band from Nashville TN, USA founded in 2014. The band is fronted by Tyler Dragness (Riotgun, Scaredycat) on vocals and guitar, Tate Avery (Sissy Mena, North to the future) on drums and Steve Poulton (Altered Statesman) on Bass. Earlier this year they released their début 8 track album ‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’.

‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’ has some fast forward, punk rock to offer with a good rocking beat and a good variations in styles, sound and vibe. The overall sound has a high dose of garage rock giving it an extra pinch of raw and unpollished sound at times. The third song ‘New destruction’ even has a high Tiger Army vibe but without the psychobilly bass. ‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’ is a very enjoyable album and a more than decent punk album. For the fans who like their punk stuffed with rock and roll. 8/10

Track list:
1. Cocktail
2. Killer Scenes
3. New destruction
4. Inclined to drink
5. Coins on my eyes
6. Pop song
7. Distressed
8. Cling wrap

REVIEW: LastLight / Tausend Löwen unter Feinden – Compilation of Unity

7” split 2017 Unity WorldWide Records

Compilation of Unity is a split 7 ” combining the best of two worlds: OCHC and TLUF. The first three songs are by the German old school hardcore band Tausend Löwen unter Feinden (TLUF). They are one of the best hardcore bands coming out of Germany the last couple of years. The next two songs are by a new American melodic hardcore band called LastLight from Orange County, California. With ex-Ignite Member Joe D Foster on guitar the songs reminds me a lot of a more mid tempo Ignite. The split got released on the new label Unity Worldwide Records founded by Joe D. Foster and German-based hardcore scene veteran, ‘Billy’ aka Sven Guenther. The goal of Unity Worldwide Records is to help friends on both sides of the pond releasing their music!

Both bands are one of those really interesting bands I came across the last couple of years and this split 7” is one of the coolest releases I’ve heard so far. Specially the third song ‘What We Have’ is really great. It makes this split 7” a real must have with its combination of German and English lyrics and guest apperances of Jae Hansel (LastLight) and Dennis Brightside (Rykers). ‘What we have’ is a real killer track but all five songs are winners. 9/10

Track list:
1. Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden – Illusion
2. Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden -Berg
3. Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden – What We Have feat. Jae Hansel (Last Light) und Dennis (Ryker’s)
4. LastLight – Conquer And Rise
5. LastLight – New Beginnings


REVIEW: For I Am – All About Perspectives

For I Am – All About Perspectives
CD/ LP 2017 Bearded Punk Records, Trilob, Infected Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records

The last couple of years the Belgian female fronted pop punk band ‘For I Am’ is making a name for themselves. I was pretty impressed back in 2015 when they released their first EP ’15 Minutes Late’ loaded with decent well-structured pop punk songs including good vocals, nice backings, …

Listening to ‘All About Perspectives’, I’m still impressed by the quality of the songs. For I Am keep proving that they have the skills to make great pop (punk) songs but also ass kicking punk rock tunes. The experience they gained the last couple of years is dripping from this new record. ‘For I Am’ and ’All About Perspectives’ are still highly recommended! 9,5/10

Track list
1. Simpleton For President
2. Nightburn
3. Or Was It Steve
4. It’s You
5. Wayward
6. An Unusual Kind of Magic
7. Linda
8. Laundry Man
9. Home For Summer
10. Rob’s Story
11. Sticky Sweet
12. (Make It Out) Alive


REVIEW: War With The Newts – Dead Eyes

War With The Newts – Dead Eyes

I thought Grunge was dead? Well it seems it isn’t, ‘War With The Newts from Berlin, Germany seems to keep it alive in some mutated form with a pinch of hardcore and punk. Does the combination work? Well I think it does. The Hardcore and punk spices up the grunge influences taken from bands as Dinosaur Jr. and Mudhoney and gives it some extra power and aggression.

With Cobains spirit wandering around in the Dead Eyes EP, War With The Newts deliver an EP that is kind of refreshing in the nowadays hardcore and punk scene although it grabs back to the highdays of the Grunge. 8/10<

Track list:

2. Ass Moustache
3. Castration
4. “Ceasar” Salad


REVIEW: Landlines – Blue

Landlines – Blue

Earlier this year in April the Dutch punk rock trio Landlines released their new EP Blue. It’s the follower to their ‘Logical Fallacies’ début album from 2016.On ‘Blue’ Landlines keep on following the same path as with ‘Logical Fallacies’ bringing us their own style of punk rock. It’s a combination of what I call the new wave of British punk with its emo driven melancholic tunes, a dash of melodic American punk with a good rocking beat and some streetpunk. The hoarse vocals suits the music just fine. It is good quality punk straight from the Netherlands. 8/10

Track list:
1. Rock Bottom
2. We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
3. “Take Lots of C”
4. Blue