REVIEW: Guerrilla Monsoon – Big City Plans

a2836053492_2Guerrilla Monsoon – Big City Plans
10”EP 2014 Paper + Plastick Records

Guerrilla Monsoon is a Birmingham, UK based punk rock band who recently got signed by Paper + Plastick Records. Paper + Plastick is the record label ran by Vinnie from Less Than Jake and they will be releasing this new eight track 10” EP ‘Big City Plans’ on October 27. According to the press info, the A-Side features four brand new tracks and the B-side consist of some previously released songs. It will be released both digitally and on limited edition coloured vinyl.

On ‘Big City Plans’ Guerilla Monsoon play this kind off emo driven punk rock with songs about relationships, personal reflections and the obvious topics involving this kind of punk rock. It surely offers some nice songs full of catchy melodies, vocal harmonies, nice hooks and breaks and therefore ‘Big City Plans’ is a record that can be put on your record shelves next to bands as Iron Chic.

This kind of modern punk rock seems to cross my path a lot lately, but the chance you see me crying in a punk rock circle pit is zero to nothing. 😉 7/10

Track list:
Side A:
1. Flock the Nest
2. Big City Plans
3. Summer Romantics
4. Whisky & Wine
Side B:
1. Good Grief
2. Open Letter
3. White Steps
4. Believers



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