REVIEW: Coldside – Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders

SR013_cover_webColdside – Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders
CD/LP 2015 Strength Records

If you like bands as Blood For Blood, Agnostic Front and Madball start drooling because Florida based hardcore band Coldside is about to release a brand new full-length called ‘Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders’ through Strength Records.

If your batteries are still running a bit low in the morning Coldsides ‘Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders’ will give you that well needed recharge with its good blend of New York and Boston hardcore. If you like NYHC of course because this album just breaths NYHC: pounding hardcore with dual vocals and sing-alongs about unity, standing your ground, ….
To spice it up, the album also contains guest appearances by NYHC legends Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) and Freddy Madball on the title track, a cover of Darkbuster’s ‘Skinhead’ and a live version of ‘Crucified’ (Iron Cross/Agnostic Front) with Roger Miret.

If you are a fan of more traditional hardcore soaked in the NYHC mentality, than Coldsides ‘Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders’ is just the record for you. If not, don’t bother. 8/10

Track list:
1. We Bring The Streets
2. Outcasts, Thugs, Outsiders
3. Sever The Ties
4. Burn The Ashes
5. Siege
6. Step The Fuck Up
7. Truth Means Nothing
8. Cold World
9. Change The World
10. Skinhead
11. Crucified


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